Dec 31, 2009

2009 Closing ceremony

15mins left until 2010 starts.
Time flies...It's well known phrase which I hear around the end of year. Actually, I didn't feel like that this year in 2009. The first two months, I was struggling with my dissertation all the time. Then, I visited S.Korea and stayed for 12 days!! I met many Korean friends=)
After commencement, my job started from April. Around August, it's so hard time for me. As I wrote down here, I burned out and I really didn't have any idea how to recover from it. I went out to S.Korea again in September during my summer holidays. My friends made me happy there.

Thank you my friends who gave me much support.
As I said above, I could meet many of my Korean friends this year.
Next year, I want to see other friends too.
Hope you have great 2010!!

One of my favorite songs for you=)
はつ恋 by 福山雅治
Hatsukoi by Masaharu Fukuyama

Dec 30, 2009


Today is the last working day in 2009!!!!! Yeah~~I'm so happy=)
After work, I went to a shopping mall by myself and enjoyed shopping.
I happened to meet one of friends from college. She's working hard on her master's thesis. Good luck!!

I got some clothes and a calendar for my office desk. I also wanted to get Alicia Keys' latest album but I will buy it at Amazon. I'll get big saving if I buy it there.
My short break lasts until Jan 3rd. So happy la~~~=)

Dec 26, 2009

How did you spend Christmas?

Nothing special except eating this cake. Yummy!!

28th is the final working day in 2009. After that, we'll have big end-year party and my band members will play songs there so we're practicing them. Today, we had practice from 5 to 7pm. Tomorrow, on Sunday, 4 to 7pm...So busy!!

Dec 12, 2009

Just a little thing though

Yesterday, staffs in my office had a year-end party in Japanese style bar, so called "izakaya". I talked a boss (around 55 year-old?) in other sections so much. I didn't know he had so much interests in many kinds of things like music, PCs, travel (especially to the States), Christmas decoration in his house...He said that I should cherish my time out of office. Yep, I will do and I'm doing so right now. Usually, even though it's called 'party', freshmen like me have to serve Sake for bosses, which make us just tired. Yesterday, however, it was really good to hear his story.

After that, we moved to another bar to have another party. When it just started, I talked with one of my coworkers. Actually, I was hurt what he's saying. It didn't mean he offended me strongly but I couldn't help being angry. I just thought I didn't want to stay there anymore. It's really blame to leave there if I assume this is party related to office though.
I don't know if he noticed about it but he followed me. It's like he's waiting for my words. I just said totally different things and left there.
I haven't have such a feeling for a long time.

It's showering outside. I didn't have an umbrella but it didn't matter at all. Rather, it felt good. I walked down the street with many bars and izakayas, listening to some music with my iPod. It's 10:30pm.

Luckily, buses were still available. I found a bas stop and I waited for a bus. It's still showering. I was thinking of many things. I didn't think what he said. I felt I wanted to meet friends outside Japan.

Then, one guy talked to me. He asked me to come under his umbrella. He was also waiting for a bus. I was happy to hear that and said thanks. There's some place which is under roof in a closed shop so I said I would be there.

The bus came. Before getting on the bus, I appreciated him again and he said 'no, I didn't do anything'. I didn't remember his face at all. I didn't even know where he got off the bus.

Just some words hurt people. Just some words make people happy.

Dec 3, 2009


I caught a cold and I took one day off for sick leave yesterday. Today, I went to office because I had some important meeting. If I could have a rest also today, I would have feel better.....Now, I'm suffering from cold.

At first, I was wondering if I had H1N1 because I met two persons who got H1N1 the day before yesterday...I'm working for a general hospital.

I have bad sore throat and headache.....I just hope I could come back home from office tomorrow then take a plenty of rest!!!!!

Nov 23, 2009

Studying Monday

It's Monday, national holiday and I'm staying at home. Next Sunday, I will take TOEIC exam. I haven't taken it since May 2007. You may more familiar to TOEFL test than TOEIC. TOEFL is much more popular because this may be one of requirements for applying for universities or some learning institutions. Here, TOEIC is absolutely major test rather than TOEFL. When you do job-hunting in Japan, your English ability will be check by the TOEIC score even though you have good TOEFL score and TOEFL is more well-known over the world. This happens also in South Korea.

My score was already expired so I have wanted to take it. Today, I'm studying for TOEIC. Luckily, it's much easier that TOEFL.

Nov 4, 2009

Thelma,テルマ, you so nice!!

Yesterday, it's one of national holidays. It's exceptionally cold. Winter is coming soon. I felt like getting new music and went out to a CD rental shop. As I said before here, we can rent CDs. It's surprising for some of you right?
These day, I'm into music outside Japan. But, this is one of exceptions. Yes, she's Aoyama Thelma(青山テルマ). I'm not big fan of her but I have really wanted to try her latest album titled 'Emotions'.


Usually, I don't listen to every song in one album but any song is great in her album. I'm even thinking of BUYing this album. It's worth doing so. Yeah, seems I'm really fan of her now.

I see she's so popular overseas. For example, her songs have high ranking in Yahoo Taiwan. Now, somehow because she doesn't release new music, her name doesn't come up in TV and media. It's like she wins wide popularity here.

I recommended her songs to my friend then talked about music etc...It's comfortable holiday.

Oct 25, 2009

Shopping at UNIQLO

It's getting cold here.
I went out to prepare for the winter!!

I was really surprised to see around shops because they're decorating stores with CHRISTMAS STUFFs!!!!!!!
Neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving hasn't come yet but here, in Japan, Christmas goods are already available. We don't enjoy Halloween so much but Halloween goods are filled with the stores just for decorations. In case of thanksgiving, many Japanese don't know what it is. As a result, Christmas decorations is coming up right after Halloween here.

I went to UNIQLO to get a fleece and some T-shirts (Speaking of UNIQLO, the store opened in Paris right?). These Heattech T-shirts were sold so much last year and it's still popular this year. The size I got is XL but I want to insist that this XL is totally different from the one in the States!! This XL size in Japan is like M size in the States.
UNIQLO used to have a image of reasonable stuffs. Now, it's not like that. This Heattech T-shirt cost 1,000 JPN (10USD). It's getting colder and colder. Don't catch a cold, don't catch a flu~~.

Oct 20, 2009

Too much!!

Hi my friends=) I'm good~Past 2 weeks, many events took place and I want to share this with you here. But, after coming back to home from work, my eyes are already tired then I cannot keep seeing the screen lol. I'm too old?

Last Friday night, my coworkers and I had fun. At first, we just cook some stuff then went out kinda amusement park called 'Round 1' where we can play many sports, bowling, karaoke. We stayed at all night from 11pm to 6 am!!!!! (1,300JPN but it cost 1,500JPN to play bowling 2 times.)
Playing Futsal.

I haven't excersice so much like this so I felt so fine!!
After leaving round 1, we dropped at one of our coworkers' high school. It's 6 am. No one but us was there.We just wanted to do something unusual lol. We just wandered there. Next, we dropped at my high school. The secenery from my high school is awesome. The reality is far better though...

Then, we went back to one of our corworkers' home. Even though we're so sleepy, we were still chatting---how we feel about jobs now, how we want to live from now...kinda serious one. At last, we noticed we're hungry and went out again to have lunch. As a result, we're together for 18 hours from 6pm to 2pm next day!!! Needless to say, I went to bed right after coming back to my home=)

Oct 3, 2009

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset, isn't it? It's when I left the office. I feel lucky if I can see awesome sunset. Also, that means I finish my job right after 5pm. If I need to work overtime, I miss this scenery and all I can see is black midnight scenery.

This week, I have been busy but meetings with other staffs in other sections were really meaningful.

It seems I've got more visitors from all over the world for this blog. Thank you! Feel free to leave comment, please~Have a good weekend=)

Sep 27, 2009

Sunday lunch

Today's lunch. It's pretty much healthy Japanese food, a little bit expensive though.
Yesterday, I was working all day. I'm still so tired~~~~~Have a good rest of weekend=)

Sep 19, 2009

Sliver Week has come!!

Hi there~~I'm good, not deadly tired now. Some friends have concerned about me and gave warm words to me. I really appreciate it=)

From today, 19th, so-called Sliver Week started!...You have never heard this word? Actually, I knew this word a few week ago.
Some of you already know 'Golden week', a string of national holidays on May (see
Then, what's sliver week?? This is also long string of holidays from today Sep 19th~23th. This is the first time to get such a long holidays on Sep in my life. Because national holidays fall on from Monday through Wednesday THIS YEAR, we've got 5 days holidays including Sat and Sun...

You may see Japanese around your place...If you see them, you can just say 'what's your sliver week going?' haha.

Next time, this sliver week will come in 6 year...I want to upload blog so much as I can during sliver week!

ps. Today's drink---メープルティーラテ=Maple tea Latte.

Sep 4, 2009


Today, I took a paid day-off for the first time. Strictly speaking, I decided to use a paid half-day off while I was working. It's before noon. I felt somehow sick, feverish, difficult to keep working until 5pm. It's 1:30pm when I came back to home.
I don't think I got new influenza. I'm just 'burned out' because of working so hard on Aug. I couldn't believe I'm so exhausted.

I even didn't have time to play the piano after work these day. Today, I played a little. Playing the piano is one of my ways to de-stress tired. However, my piano skill got worse so much, which disappoint me. It's vicious circle...

Well, what I need to do now is to relax myself. I'll cherish my personal time.

Aug 29, 2009

Super busy weekS past

I slept tight...I just finished my Saturday breakfast now. I feel comfortable so much because my super busy weeks have past. I did work so much in August. My summer break will come from Sep 10th so I will think how to spend only 5 days break from now. Oh, I need to go to take my new glasses I bought last Saturday. I also want to renovate my room...Too many things!
It's really nice weather today. Have a nice weekend=)

Aug 27, 2009



Salt-vanila Lassi, available at Family Mart (convenience store)

Family Mart( we call it FamiMa) has many kinds of drinks. I gotta try others.

One more day to weekend! Cheer up, myself!!!

Aug 25, 2009


It's 10:10pm now here in Japan. I came back just 50 mins ago from office. It happened also yesterday. I don't want to overwork from the beginning of the week but I need to do because of big project I'm dealing with now.
Through working on this project, I learned many things no matter whether they're good or not. Actually, I'm still surprised to see my boss's irresponsibility! lol. I can't believe my boss depends on me so much even though I'm still pretty freshman here...

Headache and my ears hurt...buzzing...I may be tired physically and mentally...

I had lunch outside. I usually eat my lunch at cafe for staff or on my desk. I wanted to leave my desk (otherwise, I keep thinking of the project, you know) so I came outside. It's a little garden on 3rd floor (don't know how to express this place...). The sky is not summer sky anymore. Autumn has already come English book a's important refreshing time.

Aug 15, 2009

Saturday afternoon

It's 1pm in Japan time. I'm watching high school baseball game now. It's so exciting game, you know!!!!!

Aug 11, 2009

Summer, summer, summer

As I mentioned before, I had been working from July 27th to August 7th, for 12 days in a row. It must have felt better if I didn't have to overwork. Actually, I got "a big project" so that I stayed until late in my office during that days. That made me tired so much. In the end of 12 days, I was always yawning. It seemed my face implied my excessive tiredness. This past weekend, I just relaxed, reading books, taking nap...

The biggest festival in Akita was already over while I was into my job. That is, Kanto festival from August 3th through 6th. Refer to the posting I put last year

I didn't have chance to go to the venue to watch this festival this year but I could see the performance. The performance team from one of local companies played Kanto in front of my office. Actually, I work for a general hospital and that team performed Kanto to have patients in hospital see it. You can hardly tell many patients in the right side of this picture.

Now, students are in the summer break. It's crowded everywhere I go.

Here, it's really summer right now.

I know this summer sky will go quickly and autumn will come soon. Then, loooong winter will follow.....Nope, I should not think about it lol. I should just enjoy summer now! (nothing special, though kk.)

Aug 2, 2009

When I'm exhausted---with Snoopy

ohhhh~~~~I'm sooooo tired. Did you read the previous posting? I needed to go work this weekend. It was so hard. I was really happy to come back to home at 1pm today. I took a nap for more than 2 hours...

I don't know why but I want this 'combination' when I'm exhausted.

Comic 'peanuts' and some drink which is a little bit expensive (for me haha), available in convenience store. I feel happy while reading peanuts, drinking this.

The author of Peanuts, Charles M.Schulz, was born in St.Paul, Minnesota. I was really expecting to seeing something related to Peanuts and to buy some cute Peanuts stuff while I was in Minnesota. However, unfortunately, I didn't see them at all...I heard some monuments were in St.Paul though...oh, I had one shown in the following.

You can meet this snoopy in security area of Minneapolis International Airport.

If you see some monuments in St.Paul, take pictures and show me please=)

(※ps. Thank you for your warm message on my postings. I'm sorry I didn't reply them quickly. I put comments on your messages. Check them out=))

Jul 30, 2009

Goodbye my weekend

Now, 11:15pm on Thursday...I'm pretty tired and sleepy. Usually, I'm supposed to work one more day then I will have weekends. This weekend, I have to go to work on both Sat and Sun. That means, I need to work for 12 successive days until next Fri!! I'm already so tired...Moreover, especially in the beginning of each month, we have tons of things to do, which make us to work overtime. Whew, it's gonna be so hard...

I'm getting ready to talk about my job here. I mean, I started to understand my job enough to tell you. From today, I began to be involved with kinda big project. It's gonna be time-consuming actually. But, I was so happy today because my opinion seemed to be reasonable for processing this project. August will be busy month but I will try to do my best, taking care of my health.

Details on my job will be released later, I hope.
Well.....I'm going to bed. I hope I have good dream, not one related to my job haha.

Jul 17, 2009

It happens

Oh my gosh, the posting I just finished writing here was gone right now!!!
I'm not so fine enough to reconstruct this posting. Well, I should go to bed haha.

Good night~~

Jul 14, 2009


I've been listening to this song on the way to my workplace lately. When I was junior, I listened to their songs often.

Twilight by going under ground

I'm looking for some nice songs to listen while commuting. Give me your recommendation=)

Jul 1, 2009

Chat with my roommate

It's 12:11am. Today, it's a holiday so I'm still awake. Usually, I go to bed around 10:30am. Otherwise, I will feel sleepy all the time in the daytime.

I just had chat with one of friends in the States. She's my roommate when I was in the States. The happy thing is we still remember something we shared...I mean, I love fountains and I bought mini-fountain one day. It's just around 10 USD stuff. I put it on the desk. In the night, we turned off the light in the room and we enjoyed with this mini-fountain.

This picture is in our room when I was in the states. There's a light inside of this fountain. It's like the fire is flaming. The water comes out from the top. Don't think it worth more than 10 USD??

Moreover, we talked how hard she's studying until the midnight in the library (I also worked hard, just in case lol). I joked that she must have been hanging out, not studying...We just joked and joked, which reminds me of days we shared. I really think I've got good roommate. Even though we're apart, she's still my roommate.

Oh yeah, when we moved out from the dorm, our CAs said our room was the cleanest in all of other rooms.

I can keep going more and more's time to sleep. I think I will have dream related to this story tonight.
Have a good night~!

Jun 28, 2009

Peaceful moment

Almost 3 months has passed since I started to work. I'm really getting used to working. When I had many things to do, I was really thinking of them even after I came back to home. It's like my mind was still in the workplace. This made me feel tired so much. Then, I realized I should not bring jobs into my private time. That is, I should enjoy my time outside workplace more. Actually, that's the one of my resolutions I made before I started to work. Now, things are going well.

On 23th, I got my bonus. My dictionary says everyone cannot get bonus in the states usually. Here, even freshmen like me can get bonus. Because of economical crisis, some company cuts bonus. I'm lucky to get bonus in this situation.

I decided to give some of bonus to my grandparents, who helped me much so far. Yesterday, I went to see them. My grandparents were pleased to get it, which made me happy. It doesn't matter how much I can give them. It was my pleasure to show gratitude to my grandparents.

We talked on the spot we can see the backyard. It breezed. It was really good time. Can you see two chairs and tables which are made of rattan? My parents gave them to my grandparents 24 years ago. It's right before I was born. These chairs and I were same ages!!

Chatting, eating cherries, drinking tea...It was pretty peaceful moment.

Jun 22, 2009

Number 1

When I want to recommend something to someone, I hardly use such as 'absolutely great!'. It's because someone doesn't like things I recommend even though I like it.

This is an exception.

I strongly believe that this grilled squid is the best in the world!!!!! It tastes salty. It's very tender!!

350 JPN

I like to eat grilled squids especially in a restaurant on the boundary between Akita where I live and Aomori where it's located to the north of Akita. It's 2 hour drive. That shop is on the cliff.

I haven't come here for 3 years. Staffs are really kind as usual. If there's a world grilled squids competition, I'm sure this restaurant will win! lol.

Yesterday, as these pictures say, it's good weather. Now, it's pouring. Here, it's rainy season. We'll have rainy days from today...I don't hate rainy weather but I can't stand with humid one~~!!

May 30, 2009

Nightmare in the library

I went to the library by my car. I just wanted to have relaxing time, browsing some books. I spent around two hours there and I was really satisfied with it.

On the way back to the parking lot, I started to notice it would be a little bit difficult to get out of that parking lot because it's really nallow space. Usually, I back the car up into the parking place so that I can easily drive out of there. Today, that parking lot didn't allow me to do that. That is, I had to back my car out of that parking place.

Oh my gosh...I couldn' I anticipated.

I tried again and again, back and forth. My car almost rubbed against the wall.

What should I do.....??

I came up with one idea. I looked for someone who APPEARs to have super-driving skill and asked them to back my car out of the parking lot.

But, I also thought if that person hit my car into the wall?? I would regret doing that. That person would also feel bad.

Therefore, I decided to get help from my family. When I called my home, there's only my mom. She has also driving license.

But, I had still one more concern...
It's because my mom hit out family car into the wall.....IN THIS LIBRARY.

Because my father was out of home, my mom came to the library by family car. She rode in my car and started to back my car. I was standing near the car, giving her car almost rubbed the car again and again...Finally, my mom made it!!


My trial (fail) 5 mins
The time I was waiting for the rescue(=my mom) 20mins
My mom's trial (success) 10mins

I need to be relaxed once again.

May 23, 2009

1 year


May 10, 2009

This sky leads to your sky

Last Thursday (7th), at parking lot of my office.
Beautiful sunset makes me relaxed after work. Then, I go back to my home, listening to my favorite music unless I need to work overtime.
When I see the sky, I wonder how my friends in other countries are doing at that time under the same sky.
This sky leads to your sky. This gives me encouragement.

May 4, 2009

Day3 in GW

Today, I met one of my friends. She's working apart from here and came back to her home from yesterday because, not to mention, it's Golden week now.

Her unexpected remarks inspired me.

She's not the sort who says her feelings or opinion. However, today, she suddenly started to say how happy she is because she stays friends with me . She remembered the day when we met for the first time and talked about it precisely... She said she thanked me...Oh, I don't deserve to be appreciated~~

I'm not awake enough to talk about today's story. Actually, today's story is deeply related to what I have really wanted to write down here. Later, let me introduce it again.

When I came back to my home after the gathering with my friend, my grandparents were there. Tomorrow, my family will take them to spa and stay for one night. On the way to spa, we will see my workplace...Well, it's better to go to bed soon. Good night~~

May 3, 2009

Day2 in GW

On the corner of the little garden of cake shop.
I didn't know this has pretty name called "Lily of the Valley" in English (Suzuran in Japanese). It's really getting warm enough to see many flowers brooming.

May 2, 2009

Day1 in GW

GW, the word I mentioned in the previous posting, stands for Golden Week(,not Ghost Week!)

May 3th, 4th and 5th are national holidays. Then, this year, 2nd is Saturday and 3th is Sunday. Therefore, many people enjoy 5 straight holidays! (Of course, there're many people who are working during GW like one of my coworkers) We call these holidays in the beginning of May Golden Week.

In fact, April 29th is also national holiday. If you are allowed to take paid holiday, you might be able to take successive holiday like...29th(natl' holiday), 30th and 31th(paid holiday), 1th-5th(holiday), 6th and 7th (paid holiday), 8th and 9th(weekend=holiday)...12 successive holidays!? It seldom happens though...

Usually, we cannot take such a long vacation until August as summer vacation or the end of year as new year holidays. TV News says lots of people went abroad for travel and Many people who live apart from their hometown went back to their home etc...

Well, my plan....rather, in my family's case, my grandparents will visit our home. It's been long since the last time they came here. My grandma somehow recovered from a decease so we want her (of course, grandpa too!) enjoy at my home. Now, my grandparents live a little bit far from here like for 2-hour by car but our city is the place where my grandma was born. Many things have changed as time goes by. Still, I think my grandma will be looking forward to coming and seeing 'her hometown'.

Today, I just went to hair salon to get a haircut. Then, I walked down to the library. This pic is on the way to the library. I should have come here earlier because cherry blossoms are gone. They are at their best last week but it's raining all the time, gosh...I borrowed some books and started to walk down to downtown...I swung by bookstore and CD stores...Now, surprisingly, the best selling CD is "carpenter's best" in Western music. I realized the charts of western music issued in America and in Japan are pretty different.

Tomorrow, what will I do? Any recommendation??

Overtime and GW is coming!

Today, I worked over time for the first time. Strictly speaking, I finish my work around 5:40 recently so I already worked over time several times so far. But, this is not regarded as working over time.
My corworkers and I finished job around 10pm. In the beginning of each month, we have lots of things to do. I thought it would take more time...It's just 5-hour overworking.

By the way, from tomorrow, GW will start!! Do you know what GW stand for?

Let's talk about it tomorrow!! Have a nice GW!!haha

Apr 26, 2009

It's my treat!

On 16th, I received my pay for the first time. To show my gratitude to my parents who gave me much support so far, my parents and I had BBQ dinner on me just now. We ordered a little bit expensive beef and anything we wanted to have. It was nice dinner. We also had Kimchi hotpot (we can't see it in this picture though). It reminds me of nice dishes when I visited Korea. (Oh, I didn't have time to show you guys how great my trip to South Korea was.)
I may had have a cold. These day, it's pretty cold here. Even though cherry blossom bloomed beautifully, it's gone because of strong wind and rain... I wanted to take picture of cherry blossom and put it in the header picture~~~. Anyway, I gotta go to sleep earlier than usual to recover from cold!!

Apr 13, 2009

I'm fine!!

2 weeks have past since I started to work...1st week of April, I went to head office in Tokyo (business trip for the first time!) and took induction courses with my coworkers who came from various parts in Japan. We moved to other place to stay 3 nights near Mt. Fuji. We studied for 3 days there. On 5th, Sunday, my 3 corworkers and I came back to our place. Very next day, on Monday, we went to our office and started to work. Therefore, this weekend (11th and 12th) was kinda first "weekend" where I could take a rest since I began working.

So far...I'm pretty enjoying my job and life. I didn't expect I could feel happy with my job like this. My bosses are really nice and my corworkers are also helpful. We, freshmen, are working in different section but having corworkers is really encouraging.

I'm not good at waking up in the early morning but I'm getting used to do. I wake up around 6:15am and leave my home at 7:30. I drive a car to my office. It takes 30 mins and I work from 8:30.

While driving, I'm listening to music and sometimes singing with them kk. Especially, I really like to do when I go back to home. What am I listening to? Last week, I always listened to music by Big Bang, Korean group. I bought their CD in S.Korea and got much fan of them=)

I'm too tired to open my PC on weekday haha. Still, I'm really fine and feel happy with my job and this life.

Mar 28, 2009


I didn't log in my blog for a long time...

At first, last Sunday, I graduated from my university.

In Japan, females like to wear kimono (strictly speaking, this is called hakama. We wear kimono and put 'hakama' which look like skirt on kimono) for commencement. I also weared it. This is my own kimono.

(This is the first time to show my picture on the blog.)

I studied in my home university for 4 years and in St. Cloud state university as an exchange student for 1 year. In total, I stayed in 2 universities for 5 years, graduated with 186 credits.

I thank my parents, who gave me chance to study in Japan and in the States, and my friends for their friendship=)

I will start to work from April 1st as a member of society, not student anymore.
I will have many difficulities after I start to work. It'll take time to get used to my job but I want to enjoy with them. I want to be a person who tries to enjoy even if it's difficult time.

Mar 8, 2009

안녕 from Seoul, South Korea

Today is the 7th day of my staying in South Korea. So far, I met many Korean friends and made new friends from other countries in hostels.

I will write my travel diary later here.

Today, I'm staying in the 6-bed room in hostel. Other travelers, three Japanese senior students, already left this room to go back to Japan. Now, I'm alone in this room. I remember how fun it was to spend time with my Korean friends so far...I feel even kind of nostalgic...(I don't know how to say this feeling in English.) ah, maybe, I should just say "I'm really missing you guys".

I've got 4 more days left including today. I'm gonna make myself enjoy more!!

At last but not least, I really thank you, my Korean friends, who gave me many good memories!!

Mar 1, 2009

The last month as a student

It's already March...Today, many high schools have commencement. One of my cousins graduates from high school today.

Here, March is the end of academic year. Many students graduate from their school and enter new world.

I'm also graduating from university on March 22th. From April, I will start to work.

As I wrote here before, I was working on my dissertation from last August to Feb 2nd. You can see my grad thesis next to books.

During working on dissertation, I read many books and papers again and again. Furthermore, I could not have finished my thesis without you guys' help and encouragements. If you gave me some help for my research your names are on my acknowledgement page in my dissertation. I sent my paper to my prof at St.Cloud state university where I studied. Information she gave me deepened my research.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who gave me much help and encouragement.

After submitting my paper, I decided to throw away books and handouts used in classes. Now, I've got some spaces on bookshelf.

Tada~~~These are the books and handouts I threw away. So many!!
Finishing the last paper remarks the end of my studying in university. Then, many students are enjoying their long free time before they start to work. Most of them go to travel (we call 'graduation trip' in Japanese).
Many students like to travel with their close friends. But, in my case, my friends already graduated from university last March while I was studying in the U.S. So, I decided to travel alone.
I was really wondering which country I should go---Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.....After long thinking, I chose South Korea. The direct flight from Akita to Seoul is available. Now, Japanese yen is strong against Korean won.
From tomorrow, 2nd, to 12th, I'll be in South Korea. I know it's really long stay but I won't get such a long holidays after starting to work. Therefore, I'm gonna enjoy staying in South Korea as much as I can.
Of course, I wanna go some sightseeing spots but I'm also interested in places Korean people use in their life such as supermarkets.

I wish I can have safe trip=)

Feb 23, 2009

For the first time!!

I have a meeting from 1:30pm in my workplace for the first time. It'll be like a orientation before I start to work from April. I'll meet my coworkers for the first's a little bit exciting.

Well, I got to prepare for it!

Feb 19, 2009

Dangerous driving

My dad had a business trip to Tokyo. He went there by shinkansen and needed to go to the station early in the morning. Usually, my mom takes him to the station by car. Today, I decided to drive to the station.

I took driver's license when I was freshman, almost 5 years ago. Actually, I don't drive frequently. I always feel nervous especially when I go to places where I have never been. Still, it's ok if someone sits next to me.

From April, I start to work and need to go the workplace by car. I have to be used to drive by myself.

The problem is I'm not used to drive in the snow. I really have to pay attention to driving during winter. When the road is flat, I can just step on the brake earlier than usual. (If I do suddenly, my car will not stop and crash into the preceding car!!).

When the road is rough with snow, cars may stuck in the pocket (especially, it happens after stopping and waiting the signal to change to green). No matter how strong I step on the gas, it doesn't work. Tires just roll at the same place.

The only way to go forward push the car. Someone other than the driver gets out of the car and put the car forward. When they're pushing the car, the driver step on the gas. Then, I can get out of the spot.

Can you understand what I'm concerning about? What if I drop in such a pocket? I'll need to ask someone walking on the road. What if it happens in big streets? It may cause a traffic jam.

I didn't have any trouble today but it took much time to go to the workplace. It's because everyone drives so slowly.

The picture is taken near the workplace. This intersection is famous for dangerous place...many cars slip. One of friends also had car accident. I call this intersection 'T.I'. I stands for intersection and T comes from the first letter of my friend's name. It's like famous singer T.I. haha.

Until last week, there's no snow. It's pretty warm in this winter. From this week, it started to snow. I have to practice driving on the snow!!

Feb 13, 2009

Soup curry

On Wednesday, national holiday, I had lunch with my friend. We ate 'soup curry'.

We usually eat sticky(?) curry sauce (not soup one). This soup curry is famous in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. It started to become popular several years ago in entire Japan. There're not so many restaurants we can eat soup curry.

This soup curry includes boiled egg, 'Kakuni' which is braised pork dish, eggplant and green pepper...We soak white rice in this soup and eat it. It made us feel warm...We're convinced that people in Hokkaido, a cold place, like this soup curry.

For some of you guys, it may be familiar to this type of curry. What's curry like in your place??

Feb 10, 2009


Now, I'm writing kinda paper to submit to my university. In that paper, I have to tell how I spent my days in the States as an exchange student. It's been 8 monthes since I came back to my home university though...How come they ask me to write a paper NOW?? Well, that's my home univerisity haha.

That doesn't mean I forgot how I lived in the States. I'm still clearly remembering my days in the States. The problem is...I haven't written papers in Japanese for a long time. I can't write a paper in the same way I used to do it. Academic writing is really tough work no matter what language we use. But, I have never felt such a difficulty for composing papers in Japanese!! It's pretty stressful...

Feb 6, 2009

Dining outside

I finished my last biggest paper in my college life on Monday, so my dad planned to conguratulate for it by having dinner. My family dined at an 'izakaya' (Japanese style bars which serve alcohol and food).

In bar counter, many bottles are displayed.Sushi role, sea food salad and fried chicken. This salad contains tuna, salmon, octopus.

Sashimi/Sliced raw fish

Potato with cheese and bacon...It's like pizza.

Tsukune/meatball. This is Hinai-dori(chicken). Hinai-dori is a specialty of Akita. It's one of big three chickens in Japan. This egg comes from Hinai-dori. We put this Tsukune in the egg. It's delicious! I didn't drink alcohol cuz I needed to drive a car. This Tsukune made me feel drinking pretty much!!We ordered too much...Everything was pretty nice!!

Ah~~~It was nice time to have delicious food...Thanks dad!!

Feb 3, 2009

Encouragement from Malaysia

I didn't log in my blog recently because I was working on my thesis all the time...literally all the time. Yesterday, finally, I finished my thesis. I will talk about it later.

During the hard time, I got a new year greeting from Exter, Malaysia.
Usually, we communicate by visiting blogs each other and leaving some, it feels special to get a letter.

In addition to her sincere letter, even seeing stamps of other countries makes me feel happy. She put this special envelop she got in Macao. I will cherish all of them.

Exter, thank you for your greeting card. I'm sorry my reply is late. Without your encouragement, I couldn't finish my thesis. I really appreciate your kindness!!

Jan 22, 2009

Headache---usual thing

I didn't upload this blog these days. That doesn't mean I don't browse the Internet nor use my PC. Actually, I'm almost always in front of my PC.

The due date for my the last and biggest paper, that is, dissertation, is coming soon. I have more two weeks to go. I started to work on it from last Aug and it'll be finished finally.

As the title says, I have a strong headache almost every day. It may be because using PC for a long time tire me. I also got stuff shoulders. Besides, it's definitely because of feeling stressed. I always wonder how I should go on the discussion or something. I have to submit the paper but I'm not really sure if I can finish writing good one. I started to feel stressed unconsciously.

Plus! I'm a type of getting headache easily. It's called "migraine". When I feel I'll get a headache, I always take a medicine. I have suffered from migraine since I was a kid. Migraine follows me in my life---oh my!!!

Anyway, I'm working hard, fighting against headache...It'll be the last time to concentrate on studying literally all day in my life. I have to appreciate the joy I can study even though I get headache.

But...the headache is headache. Ahh~~~~~hate it!!!!!

Jan 10, 2009


I was really surprised to see my hand. You too? Thank you for sharing the surprise with me=p
Last month, the printer got out of order and we had it repaired. After I took my printer back to my home from the shop, I didn't notice the ink (only blue one) was leaking!
Luckly, the ink didn't spread out any place except my hands. It took much time the ink was gone rather than I thought. Everytime I saw my hands, I was surprised with myself only a little bit haha.
(cf. The title 'blueman' comes from here

Jan 7, 2009

Thank you!!~New Year's card from South Korea

I got such a nice greeting card on the first day of this year from my friend, South Korea. This year will be nice!!

We exchange New Year's cards in the beginning of Jan. We usually start to prepare for cards from Dec. At first, many people buy blank New Year's cards in post office. We make cards the way we like. If you're good at drawing, you can do. Cards reflect each person's characteristic.

Then, we drop them into mailbox. Mailmen start to deliver them from Jan 1st. If we mail them until Dec 25th, cards will be sent on Jan 1st. (I always drop my New Year's cards around Dec31st. That means, my friends cannot get my cards on Jan 1st. Well, we celebrate New Year not only on Jan 1st also until 3rd. I hope it's not so problem my friends cannot get cards on exactly New Year's day hehe. )

I hope my friends both in Japan and abroad enjoy my New Year's cards. They're not so special but I wrote down messages, remembering friends' faces.

Jan 5, 2009

Back to normal life

Are you guys already back to normal life? Here, many people finished cerebrating New Year and started to work from today. My father also finished new year's break and went to office.

In our university, classes will start from 13th, next Tuesday. This is not the beginning of the semester. The semester started from last Oct and will last until the middle of Feb.

In my case, I'm taking only one class for writing grad thesis. Basically, from Jan, I just need to concentrate on writing grad thesis by myself. So, I decided to start working on the thesis from today.

Well, during new year's break, my family stayed at home, having delicious food and relaxing.

My family visited a shrine to pray for new year on Jan 2nd. This is called Hatsumode (はつもうで・初詣). We make wishes for the new year.

This year, we went to a shrine we had never been. It's smaller than the shrine we usually go. Many people visited this shrine.

May 2009 will be fruitful!