Feb 6, 2009

Dining outside

I finished my last biggest paper in my college life on Monday, so my dad planned to conguratulate for it by having dinner. My family dined at an 'izakaya' (Japanese style bars which serve alcohol and food).

In bar counter, many bottles are displayed.Sushi role, sea food salad and fried chicken. This salad contains tuna, salmon, octopus.

Sashimi/Sliced raw fish

Potato with cheese and bacon...It's like pizza.

Tsukune/meatball. This is Hinai-dori(chicken). Hinai-dori is a specialty of Akita. It's one of big three chickens in Japan. This egg comes from Hinai-dori. We put this Tsukune in the egg. It's delicious! I didn't drink alcohol cuz I needed to drive a car. This Tsukune made me feel drinking pretty much!!We ordered too much...Everything was pretty nice!!

Ah~~~It was nice time to have delicious food...Thanks dad!!


exter said...

Congratulation!the food looks delicious & the environment look cool, must be expensive right?last 2 days i go for korean foods with my college friends, that kind of korean bbq with kimchi soup, later will post in my blog.

kaori said...

Yeah---It's delicious...Well, we cannot avoid to pay much in that kinda izakaya~~~

I love korean food pretty much! Let me check it later~!!