Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
23th is national holiday so it's 3-day-off for me. If you had 3 days, what would you do? I was going to meet my friend but this severe weather made us cancel our meeting =( It's terrible weather right now here so I've been staying for 2 days all the time =P I always say I'm busy, busy and busy so now is the chance to relax myself. Still, I feel like going outside to do such a selfish!!
I just went out to see Christmas lights near my home. This is a preschool, cute isn't it?? The first picture is one of decorations at my home.
I wish you have good time!! Happy holidays!!

Oct 13, 2011

I almost turned off my PC but

...I realized I've got more followers since the last posting. Honestly, I was really surprised to see it!! I haven't posted anything for more than one month but many people check my blog. Oh my goodness, I really appreciate it.
Here, it's getting cold and I've got a cold=( When seasons have changed, I got cold this year...why am I so weak?? Now, I'm getting better though. Everyone, take care of yourself (you might live in hot places though=p).
Next week, I'll take belated summer holidays and go travel. I'm so excited with this! I'm not ready for it at all though, haha!!

Lastly, thank you for coming from all over the world. Feel free to leave comments, please=)

Aug 24, 2011

Calm night

Hi there. I haven't posted for a long time. I appreciate you who visit my blog all the time. Currently, I've been busy for my work. I haven't taken summer holidays yet...Since the earthquake, I have been working hard and maybe I'm tired...These days, earthquakes happen so often (it's not big though).  I heard it happened in the eastern coast of the states. I can see them feel awful. We're kind of used to the environment where earthquakes occur but it may the first time for many of you to experience the earthquake. When it happens, calm down first. The panic will cause the another disaster.

How are you doing? Hope you're fine!!

May 27, 2011


Every day, the newspaper reports the number of dead people, missing people and refugees. Just recently, the number of missing people exceeded the one of dead people. As you know, this earthquake happened with big tsunami. Many people were rushed in a matter of seconds.

15,217 were killed. 8666 people are missing and there're 103,021 are living in shelters.

3 months has passed since 3.11, the earthquake and tsunami. I live in Tohoku regions where the tragedy happened. My city faces the sea but tsunami hit cities on opposite side.

I want to write down what happened and how I felt theoretically...but, my English is not enough to do that within short time now. So, I'll jot down what happened randomly.

At first, we suffered from blackout. Because of blackout, the water pump didn't work at home. Traffic signals didn't work so policemen worked at big intersections even though it's raining heavily. In some city, because trafffic signals tuned off, cars crashed and people were killed. TV didn't work. The only information we can get is radio. Many people have cellphone which has TV or radio but this didn't work at last after the battery went dead. Without electricity, we couldn't do anything.

Plants tsunami hit were forced to stop working and not only disaster area but also entire Japan suffered from the lack of things and foods. Around noon, I went to buy lunch at convenience stores but there's nothing. After 5, many stores were closed because they didn't have enough stocks to sell.

These day, there's almost no aftershock we feel but it happned almost every day during one month since that day. It's like it's always somehow shaking.

From our hospital, the rescue team help people in devasted area. I believe they did good job. Our male coworkers and bosses went there as a staff for logistics. Our hospital didn't send female staffs like me so we worked regular jobs male staff left. After the rescue team retured to the hospital, we welcomed in the entrance and we cleaned their clothes and boots. The team member looked tired but also satisfied with their efforts. We, female staffs, are proud of them but we somehow feel frustrated with this situation. That is, we can't do anything directly for the refugees.

This feeling has covered entire Japan. Most people just watched TV and we felt sorry. We wanted to do something but we couldn't do anything except donation. Donation helps refugees right now? What do they need now? Many people cried for the loss of their families. Houses are gone to somewhere. What can we do now? It seems many festivals or cerebrations such as wedding were postponed everywhere in Japan.People didn't feel like going out. This emergency forced all people stay calm at home.

Personally, I sometimes worked on weekend and as of April, my duties have changed. A coworker is mentally down and taking off from office. We worked so much hard and came back to home in the midnight. One day, I burnout. Suddenly, I started to cry and couldn't stop crying. I'm getting better but I'm not so ok actually.

Well, while I was apart from my blog, many people gave me cheeriings. Roopali, irfan Muhanmad younnus, Alpha Bug, Anrield, Longstride, Todd Bedo, Singing pilgrim, Joy, Briand who are reading this post right now, I really appreciate for your support. Your countries sent rescue teams and foods for us.

I heard medias overseas reported politeness of Japanese there. Even though it's hard time, refugees didn't rush to the food. They waited in the line. For us, it's usual but some of medias reported with this situation. On the other hand, because we looked calm, some feel the damage was not so big. It's not true. This is the biggest disaster since the WW2. Still over 100,000 people live shlters such as sym in school.

I wish you keep attention to our country. I strongly believe we'll get their normal life back but we can't do without your support.

Mar 12, 2011

Pray for us

I didn't expect such a big earthquake when I wrote the previous post. It is said it's the biggest one ever in Japan.

My place finally got the power back 26 hours after the earthquake happened. Now, it's 20:40 and prime minister talks on the TV. He's giving us the message.

Pray for us, people in Japan, please.

Mar 9, 2011


Before noon today, earthquake happned. It lasted for a minute and it's big one. Even after the earthquake stopped, we felt our building were still shaking.
Luckly enough, there's no bad news at all.

Have you ever experienced earthquakes? Does earthquake happen in your places?

Feb 28, 2011

100 countries!!

Konbanwa, good evening, my friends.

I just realized that flag counter on left side said 100 different countries had visited my blog! The 100th guest was from Cyprus.

I want to say thank you, who visited my blog so far. Even though my blog doesn't have many interesting info at all (I always say 'oh I'm stressed out' lol), some of them come back to see my blog...It's really my pleasure. Thank you=)

I hope I can meet new people through my blog. Feel free to leave comments please=)

March, one of the busiest month is coming soon. When it comes to March, commencements are held everywhere. Especially, in my place, tomorrow, many high schools have them. Then, they start their new ways from April!!
March is the end of academic/fiscal year in Japan. That's why it's one of the busiest! Wish me good luck!!

Have a good night~~!!

Feb 26, 2011

Not good now=(

Hi my friends, how are you doing? I'm safely back from business trip and already 2 weeks past since the trip. Snow on the road already melt but it started snowing today. I think it's not gonna be heavy snow.

After business trip, my condition has been not good=( I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease. It's like gastric acid is going up. Especially, it easily happens when I lie down so it is said it's good to put my head a little bit higher. Yes, I did and I 'cricked' (I'm not sure if this 'crick' says my condition right now).

In NZ, earthquake happened and still many people have been trapped in collapsed building. Around 30 Japanese students are said to be in that. They're studying at language institution for just short term and it happened a few days after their arrival.
Whenever I see news, my heart hurts. Pray for people in NZ...

This weekend, I'll just stay at home and relax. Have a good weekend!!

Feb 8, 2011

Business trip to Tokyo

I'm going to Tokyo for my business trip tomorrow and will stay there until 12th. I need to attend the workshop on 10th in head office. Then, it turns just 'fun trip'. Because Friday is holiday, I'll keep stay there until Saturday.
Unfortunately, it'll snow this weekend even in Tokyo...Why is it cold anytime I'm in Tokyo??? Anyway, I'll post if I find something fun there!

Jan 30, 2011

Snowy weekend

Japan won Asian cup with 1-0 over Australia on Saturday midnight. We call them 'samurai blue' or 'Zacche Japan' (zacche is coach) and their play was really great.

But, I've been somehow frustrated and feeling down so much this weekend. I think there's no specific reason for it though=(
How do you manage stressors? What do you do to relax yourself?

Jan 7, 2011

Overwork and Snow make me crazy!!

Did you spend good new year? Here, holidays lasted until 3rd and I started to work from 4th. From 4th to today 7th, my coworkers and I overworked every day until 9pm...Since the year end, it kept snowing and roads freeze when I go back to home. It may be more stressful to wake up earlier than usual (because it takes so much time to get to the office because of snowing) and drive on the slippery roads. Seriously, I thought I would die when I kinda slipped. Pretty stressful!!

I'm so happy I could come back to home safely and have weekends! Coming Age day falls on Jan 10th, on Monday, we've got 3-day holidays yay!!!

Have a good weekend!!