May 2, 2009

Day1 in GW

GW, the word I mentioned in the previous posting, stands for Golden Week(,not Ghost Week!)

May 3th, 4th and 5th are national holidays. Then, this year, 2nd is Saturday and 3th is Sunday. Therefore, many people enjoy 5 straight holidays! (Of course, there're many people who are working during GW like one of my coworkers) We call these holidays in the beginning of May Golden Week.

In fact, April 29th is also national holiday. If you are allowed to take paid holiday, you might be able to take successive holiday like...29th(natl' holiday), 30th and 31th(paid holiday), 1th-5th(holiday), 6th and 7th (paid holiday), 8th and 9th(weekend=holiday)...12 successive holidays!? It seldom happens though...

Usually, we cannot take such a long vacation until August as summer vacation or the end of year as new year holidays. TV News says lots of people went abroad for travel and Many people who live apart from their hometown went back to their home etc...

Well, my plan....rather, in my family's case, my grandparents will visit our home. It's been long since the last time they came here. My grandma somehow recovered from a decease so we want her (of course, grandpa too!) enjoy at my home. Now, my grandparents live a little bit far from here like for 2-hour by car but our city is the place where my grandma was born. Many things have changed as time goes by. Still, I think my grandma will be looking forward to coming and seeing 'her hometown'.

Today, I just went to hair salon to get a haircut. Then, I walked down to the library. This pic is on the way to the library. I should have come here earlier because cherry blossoms are gone. They are at their best last week but it's raining all the time, gosh...I borrowed some books and started to walk down to downtown...I swung by bookstore and CD stores...Now, surprisingly, the best selling CD is "carpenter's best" in Western music. I realized the charts of western music issued in America and in Japan are pretty different.

Tomorrow, what will I do? Any recommendation??

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exter said...

i see,no wonder my boss have a long vacation & call us to submit some work on the 7 May.

seem you have enjoy your holiday with your family & grandparent.i have no interesting recommendation for you anyway.

have a nice holiday~