Oct 25, 2009

Shopping at UNIQLO

It's getting cold here.
I went out to prepare for the winter!!

I was really surprised to see around shops because they're decorating stores with CHRISTMAS STUFFs!!!!!!!
Neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving hasn't come yet but here, in Japan, Christmas goods are already available. We don't enjoy Halloween so much but Halloween goods are filled with the stores just for decorations. In case of thanksgiving, many Japanese don't know what it is. As a result, Christmas decorations is coming up right after Halloween here.

I went to UNIQLO to get a fleece and some T-shirts (Speaking of UNIQLO, the store opened in Paris right?). These Heattech T-shirts were sold so much last year and it's still popular this year. The size I got is XL but I want to insist that this XL is totally different from the one in the States!! This XL size in Japan is like M size in the States.
UNIQLO used to have a image of reasonable stuffs. Now, it's not like that. This Heattech T-shirt cost 1,000 JPN (10USD). It's getting colder and colder. Don't catch a cold, don't catch a flu~~.

Oct 20, 2009

Too much!!

Hi my friends=) I'm good~Past 2 weeks, many events took place and I want to share this with you here. But, after coming back to home from work, my eyes are already tired then I cannot keep seeing the screen lol. I'm too old?

Last Friday night, my coworkers and I had fun. At first, we just cook some stuff then went out kinda amusement park called 'Round 1' where we can play many sports, bowling, karaoke. We stayed at all night from 11pm to 6 am!!!!! (1,300JPN but it cost 1,500JPN to play bowling 2 times.)
Playing Futsal.

I haven't excersice so much like this so I felt so fine!!
After leaving round 1, we dropped at one of our coworkers' high school. It's 6 am. No one but us was there.We just wanted to do something unusual lol. We just wandered there. Next, we dropped at my high school. The secenery from my high school is awesome. The reality is far better though...

Then, we went back to one of our corworkers' home. Even though we're so sleepy, we were still chatting---how we feel about jobs now, how we want to live from now...kinda serious one. At last, we noticed we're hungry and went out again to have lunch. As a result, we're together for 18 hours from 6pm to 2pm next day!!! Needless to say, I went to bed right after coming back to my home=)

Oct 3, 2009

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset, isn't it? It's when I left the office. I feel lucky if I can see awesome sunset. Also, that means I finish my job right after 5pm. If I need to work overtime, I miss this scenery and all I can see is black midnight scenery.

This week, I have been busy but meetings with other staffs in other sections were really meaningful.

It seems I've got more visitors from all over the world for this blog. Thank you! Feel free to leave comment, please~Have a good weekend=)