Sep 4, 2009


Today, I took a paid day-off for the first time. Strictly speaking, I decided to use a paid half-day off while I was working. It's before noon. I felt somehow sick, feverish, difficult to keep working until 5pm. It's 1:30pm when I came back to home.
I don't think I got new influenza. I'm just 'burned out' because of working so hard on Aug. I couldn't believe I'm so exhausted.

I even didn't have time to play the piano after work these day. Today, I played a little. Playing the piano is one of my ways to de-stress tired. However, my piano skill got worse so much, which disappoint me. It's vicious circle...

Well, what I need to do now is to relax myself. I'll cherish my personal time.

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exter said...

take good care, kaori~