Aug 25, 2009


It's 10:10pm now here in Japan. I came back just 50 mins ago from office. It happened also yesterday. I don't want to overwork from the beginning of the week but I need to do because of big project I'm dealing with now.
Through working on this project, I learned many things no matter whether they're good or not. Actually, I'm still surprised to see my boss's irresponsibility! lol. I can't believe my boss depends on me so much even though I'm still pretty freshman here...

Headache and my ears hurt...buzzing...I may be tired physically and mentally...

I had lunch outside. I usually eat my lunch at cafe for staff or on my desk. I wanted to leave my desk (otherwise, I keep thinking of the project, you know) so I came outside. It's a little garden on 3rd floor (don't know how to express this place...). The sky is not summer sky anymore. Autumn has already come English book a's important refreshing time.

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exter said...

ooh, my god!
yeah, sometime just annoying with the boss's attitude >.<

sometimes i do take a fresh air outside during lunch time, to relax my mind!