Jan 22, 2009

Headache---usual thing

I didn't upload this blog these days. That doesn't mean I don't browse the Internet nor use my PC. Actually, I'm almost always in front of my PC.

The due date for my the last and biggest paper, that is, dissertation, is coming soon. I have more two weeks to go. I started to work on it from last Aug and it'll be finished finally.

As the title says, I have a strong headache almost every day. It may be because using PC for a long time tire me. I also got stuff shoulders. Besides, it's definitely because of feeling stressed. I always wonder how I should go on the discussion or something. I have to submit the paper but I'm not really sure if I can finish writing good one. I started to feel stressed unconsciously.

Plus! I'm a type of getting headache easily. It's called "migraine". When I feel I'll get a headache, I always take a medicine. I have suffered from migraine since I was a kid. Migraine follows me in my life---oh my!!!

Anyway, I'm working hard, fighting against headache...It'll be the last time to concentrate on studying literally all day in my life. I have to appreciate the joy I can study even though I get headache.

But...the headache is headache. Ahh~~~~~hate it!!!!!


exter said...

isn't only medicine to cure "migraine"? yesterday a whole day i headache, maybe I didn't sleep well the day before or it hints me that my menstrual period is coming? go back home sharply after work & slept early yesterday, can't believe that i go to bed on 8++ & wake up this morning 6++

anyway, take good care, perhaps a good sleep or rest may take ur away from headache...

exter said...

wow u like lee hom too?!
lee hom is my idol since secondary school. nice songs

nbalike said...

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kaori said...

Sorry my reply is late.

That medicine is just aspirin stuff.
Now, I'm pretty fine! Thanks.

Lee hom. Yep. I'm fun of him!
He's not so famous here. I knew of him through my Chinese friends.

In detail, go to http://ilovegrapefrui2.blogspot.com/2008/08/come-on-lee-hom.html

I wanna get his new CD 心跳!!!