Mar 28, 2009


I didn't log in my blog for a long time...

At first, last Sunday, I graduated from my university.

In Japan, females like to wear kimono (strictly speaking, this is called hakama. We wear kimono and put 'hakama' which look like skirt on kimono) for commencement. I also weared it. This is my own kimono.

(This is the first time to show my picture on the blog.)

I studied in my home university for 4 years and in St. Cloud state university as an exchange student for 1 year. In total, I stayed in 2 universities for 5 years, graduated with 186 credits.

I thank my parents, who gave me chance to study in Japan and in the States, and my friends for their friendship=)

I will start to work from April 1st as a member of society, not student anymore.
I will have many difficulities after I start to work. It'll take time to get used to my job but I want to enjoy with them. I want to be a person who tries to enjoy even if it's difficult time.

1 comment:

exter said...

hello kaori, you look beautiful & elegant in kimono style.

that kimono must be expensive right?

so welcome to the social university, all the best to your very first job, ganbadei!