May 2, 2009

Overtime and GW is coming!

Today, I worked over time for the first time. Strictly speaking, I finish my work around 5:40 recently so I already worked over time several times so far. But, this is not regarded as working over time.
My corworkers and I finished job around 10pm. In the beginning of each month, we have lots of things to do. I thought it would take more time...It's just 5-hour overworking.

By the way, from tomorrow, GW will start!! Do you know what GW stand for?

Let's talk about it tomorrow!! Have a nice GW!!haha


Xazvier said...

GW stands for



kaori said...

Mmm~~that's nice, I like it.
The answer is coming soon=)

exter said...

hahah, i also wonder wat is that ?
anyway last few week i work till 11.45 cos' busy about audit.take care