Jul 30, 2009

Goodbye my weekend

Now, 11:15pm on Thursday...I'm pretty tired and sleepy. Usually, I'm supposed to work one more day then I will have weekends. This weekend, I have to go to work on both Sat and Sun. That means, I need to work for 12 successive days until next Fri!! I'm already so tired...Moreover, especially in the beginning of each month, we have tons of things to do, which make us to work overtime. Whew, it's gonna be so hard...

I'm getting ready to talk about my job here. I mean, I started to understand my job enough to tell you. From today, I began to be involved with kinda big project. It's gonna be time-consuming actually. But, I was so happy today because my opinion seemed to be reasonable for processing this project. August will be busy month but I will try to do my best, taking care of my health.

Details on my job will be released later, I hope.
Well.....I'm going to bed. I hope I have good dream, not one related to my job haha.

Jul 17, 2009

It happens

Oh my gosh, the posting I just finished writing here was gone right now!!!
I'm not so fine enough to reconstruct this posting. Well, I should go to bed haha.

Good night~~

Jul 14, 2009


I've been listening to this song on the way to my workplace lately. When I was junior, I listened to their songs often.

Twilight by going under ground

I'm looking for some nice songs to listen while commuting. Give me your recommendation=)

Jul 1, 2009

Chat with my roommate

It's 12:11am. Today, it's a holiday so I'm still awake. Usually, I go to bed around 10:30am. Otherwise, I will feel sleepy all the time in the daytime.

I just had chat with one of friends in the States. She's my roommate when I was in the States. The happy thing is we still remember something we shared...I mean, I love fountains and I bought mini-fountain one day. It's just around 10 USD stuff. I put it on the desk. In the night, we turned off the light in the room and we enjoyed with this mini-fountain.

This picture is in our room when I was in the states. There's a light inside of this fountain. It's like the fire is flaming. The water comes out from the top. Don't think it worth more than 10 USD??

Moreover, we talked how hard she's studying until the midnight in the library (I also worked hard, just in case lol). I joked that she must have been hanging out, not studying...We just joked and joked, which reminds me of days we shared. I really think I've got good roommate. Even though we're apart, she's still my roommate.

Oh yeah, when we moved out from the dorm, our CAs said our room was the cleanest in all of other rooms.

I can keep going more and more but...it's time to sleep. I think I will have dream related to this story tonight.
Have a good night~!