Jul 30, 2009

Goodbye my weekend

Now, 11:15pm on Thursday...I'm pretty tired and sleepy. Usually, I'm supposed to work one more day then I will have weekends. This weekend, I have to go to work on both Sat and Sun. That means, I need to work for 12 successive days until next Fri!! I'm already so tired...Moreover, especially in the beginning of each month, we have tons of things to do, which make us to work overtime. Whew, it's gonna be so hard...

I'm getting ready to talk about my job here. I mean, I started to understand my job enough to tell you. From today, I began to be involved with kinda big project. It's gonna be time-consuming actually. But, I was so happy today because my opinion seemed to be reasonable for processing this project. August will be busy month but I will try to do my best, taking care of my health.

Details on my job will be released later, I hope.
Well.....I'm going to bed. I hope I have good dream, not one related to my job haha.

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