Mar 8, 2009

안녕 from Seoul, South Korea

Today is the 7th day of my staying in South Korea. So far, I met many Korean friends and made new friends from other countries in hostels.

I will write my travel diary later here.

Today, I'm staying in the 6-bed room in hostel. Other travelers, three Japanese senior students, already left this room to go back to Japan. Now, I'm alone in this room. I remember how fun it was to spend time with my Korean friends so far...I feel even kind of nostalgic...(I don't know how to say this feeling in English.) ah, maybe, I should just say "I'm really missing you guys".

I've got 4 more days left including today. I'm gonna make myself enjoy more!!

At last but not least, I really thank you, my Korean friends, who gave me many good memories!!


exter said...

wow, seem so enjoy along the trip. We use to stay in hostel while in Hong Kong, cos cheaper but the important is safe & clean. The hostel fit our needs.
take good care

Xazvier said...

はやい! はやい!

my spring break had passed, feel pretty down that i couldn't enjoy that much but resting in my house due to sickness, Dang.

How was your trip in Korea, had you managed to learn some Korean word?

Recently, i start learning first hiragana, and they are fifty of them, it's challenging!!

now im learning from the basic あ
A and i found a website that teach me how to write hiragana, i guess if both go on together, it'll be good for the memorization, huhu.

Have a good trip in Korea. じゃな!

P/S: あ is very similar to 女.

Nicole said...

안녕하세요? oh thats kool you were just in Korea. I may visit Japan this spring.. depending on the exchange!

kaori said...


Hostel life was really good. I traveled alone so it was fun to meet new friends in the hostel.


Sorry I enjoyed my travel sooooo much!!kk Sickness? I'm sorry to hear that. Now are you OK??

Yep, you should just write and read hiragana many times and you'll remember them. I also did same thing when I learned Korean. Being able to read hungle letter(Korean letter) made me my trip helpful. I should have learned Korean more before going there.
I got some textbooks there so I'll RElearn Korean.

I'm looking forward to talking to you in Japanese=) じゃあね~~


Yep, my trip in Korea was great.I will write my travel diary later here so check it up plz.

It's so expensive to go overseas for you guys right?? But, you should just come to Japan because it's really close!!