Jul 14, 2009


I've been listening to this song on the way to my workplace lately. When I was junior, I listened to their songs often.

Twilight by going under ground

I'm looking for some nice songs to listen while commuting. Give me your recommendation=)


exter said...

hehehe~ i always listen to my hand phone radio,lot of channel which including english & mandarin. quite long didn't listen to my mp3 songs bacause i seldom download new songs.

Xazvier said...

hei, this is Neo, how are you doing recently

This song is awesome, can send it to me? please~~~~ Onegai. Hope everything goes on well on you.

kaori said...
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kaori said...

We have radio and TV system in cellphone but battery is easily gone after TV system is equipped.
In my case, I rent CDs (not for free, but reasonable to rent them here) and put songs into my iPod. I think other countries usually ban rental system though...)

I saw your message in my car on the way back to home, listening to Twilight.
I think you'll like other songs by this group, going under ground.

How do you want me to send this to you? Onegai,let me know your idea, i'm not good at it lol.
I'm frickin' tired now~~No Sat and Sun was too hard la!!