Jan 7, 2009

Thank you!!~New Year's card from South Korea

I got such a nice greeting card on the first day of this year from my friend, South Korea. This year will be nice!!

We exchange New Year's cards in the beginning of Jan. We usually start to prepare for cards from Dec. At first, many people buy blank New Year's cards in post office. We make cards the way we like. If you're good at drawing, you can do. Cards reflect each person's characteristic.

Then, we drop them into mailbox. Mailmen start to deliver them from Jan 1st. If we mail them until Dec 25th, cards will be sent on Jan 1st. (I always drop my New Year's cards around Dec31st. That means, my friends cannot get my cards on Jan 1st. Well, we celebrate New Year not only on Jan 1st also until 3rd. I hope it's not so problem my friends cannot get cards on exactly New Year's day hehe. )

I hope my friends both in Japan and abroad enjoy my New Year's cards. They're not so special but I wrote down messages, remembering friends' faces.


Anonymous said...

oh- i got to know how to leave my message on your blog.

i really happy to see my card that i sent you on your blog.

I also got your card today. it is awesome!!! Actually i didn't know Japanese New year's card style. i really surprised that your card is like.. special made card.

anyway, Thank you!

Hye-Lim Yoon★

kaori said...


Nice to hear from you here!!

I'm also happy to know you got my New Year's card. I'm satisfied a mailman was able to read my Hangul!!haha.

Thank you, too.
Come and browse here when you have time=)

exter said...

Happy new year~ the feeling is great to receive card or present from our friends through mail box.

During secondary school times, we use to contact our pen-pal through letter-mail, not as high tech like nowsaday, blogs & email.Each letters, keychains, cards & bookmarks really appreciated & the joy when the seconds received.

kaori said...


Yeahhhhh!!!I totally agree with what you said!! I was really looking forward to sending and receiving letters...sometimes, we put small gift in envelops...I bought many letter sheets and envelops...

I still like to send a letter. I hope my cards will be sent to my friends safely...

Nicole said...

thanks for checking out my korean blog! I like yours also :)

kaori said...


Thank you for visiting my blog!
I'm happy to hear that!!