Dec 31, 2010

Look back over 2010

Time flies...I say this phrase every year haha. Less than 3 hours till new year in Japan. I want to look over 2010 quickly here.

Jan---Korean drama, IRIS, on air in Japan

This korean drama was on air in Japan and my place Akita was used for the drama locations. Many places- from famous sightseeing spots to places we visited daily- were shown in the drama.

My presentation was chosen one of best presentations in workshop for freshmen held by the head office. I prepared for it, listening to MJ's Thriller. After workshop, I met my friends in Tokyo and had good time.

My friend came to Japan. For me, it's really sudden. Right after that workshop on Feb, he said he might come here.
When almost all passengers came out from the security area and still he didn't come, I thought he missed the plane and I almost gave up lol. I hadn't seen you for 2 years but I felt like as if I saw my friend just yesterday when I met you. Everything is just natural.
It's pretty much cold in Tokyo during that days. Ooedo-Onsen, maid-cafe...These were first time also for me. Did you enjoy them?
This is the first time for me to welcome foreign friends in Japan so my guide was pretty poor =( Now, I have many ideas like places and food I should've introduced to them. Next time, I will be better guide for sure, so come again sometimes=)
You're one of my friends I really wanted to welcome so I was really glad!! Thanks=)

One year has past since I started to work. I've got more jobs from April and got tired especially mentally.

I joined English school. I wanted to start something so I signed up it. I join the discussion class once a week Thursday or Saturday. I usually go there on Saturday. It's good chance to go out and communicate with people outside office (otherwise, I will stay at home on weekend, saying 'ah~~~I'm tired!!).

I dropped my celly in ramen. Shocking. Oh yeah, Japan soccer team did great this month. The sad thing is I couldn't meet Exter who came to Tokyo for business trip. Did you enjoy staying in Tokyo?

For the beer party, our band practiced once a week. I played the sax...I hadn't played it for a long time so my lips hurt the first time.

I met some friends who came back to home during summer. Later, my diary says I was not good. Why? don't know...


The biggest news in this year...I went to Paris with my cousin. This is the first time for me to go to Europe. I wanted to post pictures more here but didn't...Most impressive thing is actually not famous sightseeing spots. Of course, they're great but a small village called Beuvron village. This atmosphere was really calm and peaceful.

Oct to Dec
Unfortunately, I just took rest on weekends. Because I spent money for paris trip, I just spent my time at home. On November, I suddenly wonder how I should live from now, I went to fortunetellers with my friend (It seems I really worried about myself). Her advice was just normal, not special at all.
I cleared my room and throw away old things. I felt good and I could blow away the cobwebs. At the end-year party, I played the keyboard. Next year, I wanted to focus on the bass!!!!!

The biggest events in 2010 were going to France and my friend's coming to Japan (including friends I couldn't meet). After all, in my great moments, there's always people there. From my great friends to just people I happened to meet on the street in paris, they made my days in 2010!
Thank you so much. I hope I could have such a great time also in 2011.