Nov 24, 2008

Ideas appreciated!!

I'm working on my dissertation usually at home as I said before. I had a big presentation two weeks ago. I had to give a presentation how I will work on my paper. The preparation for this presentation was so tough. My seminarmates and I have worked pretty hard to have audiences understand as much as possible for almost 2 months. I revised my handouts again and again...more than 10 times. I think (and our prof said) we did quite good job.

I was working on the desk literally all the time until this presentation so that I feel like I used up all of my energy haha.
When I wasn't motivated for preparation, my options were listening to music with iPod (especially rock when I'm frustrated), browsing books and the Internet like in the picture. (If several friends on MSN were online, it made me feel I had to work hard! ) If they didn't work, I left from the desk and went to other room to play the piano, watched "Ugly Betty" and other TV programs. It's sort of my daily life.

Now that I've done with my presentation, I have to start working on my research again. I want to find other ways to take a short break. Any advise for me??

Nov 17, 2008

So many

These days, many people have degital cameras and take pictures easily. Also, it is the fact not so many people develop pictures. I mean, they don't print them out. I like to see printed pics. I can share pics with my friends at the same time.

My mother asked me to order prints so I'm working on it now. Usually, I order them on the Internet and pictures are sent to my address. Payment is done by credit card.

Whew~~~I took soooooooooooo many pictures this year.....It's a dahlia at my grandma's yard taken some months ago.

Nov 12, 2008

THE autumn scenery

Last week, I went to the spa on the mountain near my home. On my way to the spa, I found really good scenery!! I'm really confident I took superb pictures of Japanese autumn!!
As I said before, I guess these red leaves are characteristics of Japanese autumn. Enjoy!!

The best shot!!

This gradation reminds me of Hawaiian gradation??

Cute, isn't it??

I hope you could enjoy Japanese fall scenery through these pictures=)

Nov 7, 2008

Autumn Scenery 2

I wish I had had my camera...I went to university. I was touched by this scenery and thought I wanted you to see it. I just took this pic with the cellphone-camera. um~~the real view was really fine though...

Nov 4, 2008


On May, @Chicago

Many Japanese TV reporters flew to the U.S and report the election in every news.

The atmosphere during the election really looks like kind of's totally different from the one of Japanese some election.

I wish I could stay in the States now...I wanna also enjoy this atmosphere (I don't have the right to vote though...)

Nov 3, 2008

Autumn Scenery

Autumn tints the mountains with beautiful colors. The trees turned red and yellow...(I didn't see red colored trees when I was in the States.) My family went to the mountains to enjoy the autumn leaves. Actually, the best time to see beautiful autumn scenery already passed in my place. I guess we should have been there last weekend (but it's raining at that time). Anyway, I enjoyed the Japanese autumn scenery. Can you see the trees reflected on the river??
Today, Nov 3rd falls on Cultural Day (文化の日 Bunka-no-hi) in Japan. One of holidays in November. Many cultural events like concerts were held everywhere (I was working on my thesis though...) Usually, it's sunny on Nov 3rd every year but it's not this year. I guess many leaves fell because of intense wind and rain.

Weather forecast says it's 10c tomorrow...woo~~Winter is coming!!??