May 30, 2009

Nightmare in the library

I went to the library by my car. I just wanted to have relaxing time, browsing some books. I spent around two hours there and I was really satisfied with it.

On the way back to the parking lot, I started to notice it would be a little bit difficult to get out of that parking lot because it's really nallow space. Usually, I back the car up into the parking place so that I can easily drive out of there. Today, that parking lot didn't allow me to do that. That is, I had to back my car out of that parking place.

Oh my gosh...I couldn' I anticipated.

I tried again and again, back and forth. My car almost rubbed against the wall.

What should I do.....??

I came up with one idea. I looked for someone who APPEARs to have super-driving skill and asked them to back my car out of the parking lot.

But, I also thought if that person hit my car into the wall?? I would regret doing that. That person would also feel bad.

Therefore, I decided to get help from my family. When I called my home, there's only my mom. She has also driving license.

But, I had still one more concern...
It's because my mom hit out family car into the wall.....IN THIS LIBRARY.

Because my father was out of home, my mom came to the library by family car. She rode in my car and started to back my car. I was standing near the car, giving her car almost rubbed the car again and again...Finally, my mom made it!!


My trial (fail) 5 mins
The time I was waiting for the rescue(=my mom) 20mins
My mom's trial (success) 10mins

I need to be relaxed once again.

May 23, 2009

1 year


May 10, 2009

This sky leads to your sky

Last Thursday (7th), at parking lot of my office.
Beautiful sunset makes me relaxed after work. Then, I go back to my home, listening to my favorite music unless I need to work overtime.
When I see the sky, I wonder how my friends in other countries are doing at that time under the same sky.
This sky leads to your sky. This gives me encouragement.

May 4, 2009

Day3 in GW

Today, I met one of my friends. She's working apart from here and came back to her home from yesterday because, not to mention, it's Golden week now.

Her unexpected remarks inspired me.

She's not the sort who says her feelings or opinion. However, today, she suddenly started to say how happy she is because she stays friends with me . She remembered the day when we met for the first time and talked about it precisely... She said she thanked me...Oh, I don't deserve to be appreciated~~

I'm not awake enough to talk about today's story. Actually, today's story is deeply related to what I have really wanted to write down here. Later, let me introduce it again.

When I came back to my home after the gathering with my friend, my grandparents were there. Tomorrow, my family will take them to spa and stay for one night. On the way to spa, we will see my workplace...Well, it's better to go to bed soon. Good night~~

May 3, 2009

Day2 in GW

On the corner of the little garden of cake shop.
I didn't know this has pretty name called "Lily of the Valley" in English (Suzuran in Japanese). It's really getting warm enough to see many flowers brooming.

May 2, 2009

Day1 in GW

GW, the word I mentioned in the previous posting, stands for Golden Week(,not Ghost Week!)

May 3th, 4th and 5th are national holidays. Then, this year, 2nd is Saturday and 3th is Sunday. Therefore, many people enjoy 5 straight holidays! (Of course, there're many people who are working during GW like one of my coworkers) We call these holidays in the beginning of May Golden Week.

In fact, April 29th is also national holiday. If you are allowed to take paid holiday, you might be able to take successive holiday like...29th(natl' holiday), 30th and 31th(paid holiday), 1th-5th(holiday), 6th and 7th (paid holiday), 8th and 9th(weekend=holiday)...12 successive holidays!? It seldom happens though...

Usually, we cannot take such a long vacation until August as summer vacation or the end of year as new year holidays. TV News says lots of people went abroad for travel and Many people who live apart from their hometown went back to their home etc...

Well, my plan....rather, in my family's case, my grandparents will visit our home. It's been long since the last time they came here. My grandma somehow recovered from a decease so we want her (of course, grandpa too!) enjoy at my home. Now, my grandparents live a little bit far from here like for 2-hour by car but our city is the place where my grandma was born. Many things have changed as time goes by. Still, I think my grandma will be looking forward to coming and seeing 'her hometown'.

Today, I just went to hair salon to get a haircut. Then, I walked down to the library. This pic is on the way to the library. I should have come here earlier because cherry blossoms are gone. They are at their best last week but it's raining all the time, gosh...I borrowed some books and started to walk down to downtown...I swung by bookstore and CD stores...Now, surprisingly, the best selling CD is "carpenter's best" in Western music. I realized the charts of western music issued in America and in Japan are pretty different.

Tomorrow, what will I do? Any recommendation??

Overtime and GW is coming!

Today, I worked over time for the first time. Strictly speaking, I finish my work around 5:40 recently so I already worked over time several times so far. But, this is not regarded as working over time.
My corworkers and I finished job around 10pm. In the beginning of each month, we have lots of things to do. I thought it would take more time...It's just 5-hour overworking.

By the way, from tomorrow, GW will start!! Do you know what GW stand for?

Let's talk about it tomorrow!! Have a nice GW!!haha