Jan 5, 2009

Back to normal life

Are you guys already back to normal life? Here, many people finished cerebrating New Year and started to work from today. My father also finished new year's break and went to office.

In our university, classes will start from 13th, next Tuesday. This is not the beginning of the semester. The semester started from last Oct and will last until the middle of Feb.

In my case, I'm taking only one class for writing grad thesis. Basically, from Jan, I just need to concentrate on writing grad thesis by myself. So, I decided to start working on the thesis from today.

Well, during new year's break, my family stayed at home, having delicious food and relaxing.

My family visited a shrine to pray for new year on Jan 2nd. This is called Hatsumode (はつもうで・初詣). We make wishes for the new year.

This year, we went to a shrine we had never been. It's smaller than the shrine we usually go. Many people visited this shrine.

May 2009 will be fruitful!


exter said...

ya, back to a normal life. have you schedule a new timetable for yourself? hahha...best wishes to u on the very beginning of year. May our dreams come true with the hard work done.Ganbadei~

kaori said...

Thanks Exter!
I'm getting nervous of working from April...Well, before that, I have to submit my grad paper and graduate!!
Best wishes to you, too!