Jul 5, 2008

Mechanical pencils

I have to do job-hunting now. Generally, junior students start to work on job-hunting in Japan. Not to mention, I'm really behind now.

Yesterday, a company came to my university to give students seminar. Usually, these seminars include explanation about their companies. Sometimes, they might give participants examination.

I joined the seminar yesterday. There were only two participants including me. The staff from that company said we would also have an exam. Actually, I was not so interested in this company but I just wanted to get some information to decide if I should apply for this company.

Basically, the exam includes math, Japanese and English. In the case of this company, I can go job interview if I can pass this exam. I will have three times of job interviews until I can enter that company. So, this exam is important as a step of getting for job.

I didn't study for it. Rather, I didn't have mechanic pencils nor pencils even though this exam is marksheet type.

While I was in the U.S, I used bollpoint pens and most American people seemed to use them. I was surprised to see that because most Japanese studetns use mechanical pencils. At first, I used mechanical one but found bollpoint pens are better for writing fast.

Besides, I was using the plastic sheet while writing right after I went to the U.S. Some international studetns said to me ' are you still using that sheet? Only elementary studetns use it in my country~~'

I remember it when I saw students in my university using plastic sheet.haha