May 4, 2009

Day3 in GW

Today, I met one of my friends. She's working apart from here and came back to her home from yesterday because, not to mention, it's Golden week now.

Her unexpected remarks inspired me.

She's not the sort who says her feelings or opinion. However, today, she suddenly started to say how happy she is because she stays friends with me . She remembered the day when we met for the first time and talked about it precisely... She said she thanked me...Oh, I don't deserve to be appreciated~~

I'm not awake enough to talk about today's story. Actually, today's story is deeply related to what I have really wanted to write down here. Later, let me introduce it again.

When I came back to my home after the gathering with my friend, my grandparents were there. Tomorrow, my family will take them to spa and stay for one night. On the way to spa, we will see my workplace...Well, it's better to go to bed soon. Good night~~


Xazvier said...

yo, golden week. Nice~~

I am having my golden week too, its my final golden week

so basically i have to suffer but you are enjoying the different golden week

haha, enjoy and have fun ya!

kaori said...

Ahhh~~~I almost finished my golden father will have one more day off tomorrow though...I had good time with my grandparents. They went back, saying it was fun. Happy to hear that.

So, how's your "american style golden week" going?? I want you suffer...sorry, I want you ENJOY with final then nice? summer break is coming soon!
Let's talk more during your vacation=)