Feb 13, 2009

Soup curry

On Wednesday, national holiday, I had lunch with my friend. We ate 'soup curry'.

We usually eat sticky(?) curry sauce (not soup one). This soup curry is famous in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. It started to become popular several years ago in entire Japan. There're not so many restaurants we can eat soup curry.

This soup curry includes boiled egg, 'Kakuni' which is braised pork dish, eggplant and green pepper...We soak white rice in this soup and eat it. It made us feel warm...We're convinced that people in Hokkaido, a cold place, like this soup curry.

For some of you guys, it may be familiar to this type of curry. What's curry like in your place??

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exter said...

seem a huge different flavour between japan soup curry and malaysia curry bacause m'sia curry is really spicy made by malay people here, my boss also dare not to try it cos' he said "spicy"