Feb 3, 2009

Encouragement from Malaysia

I didn't log in my blog recently because I was working on my thesis all the time...literally all the time. Yesterday, finally, I finished my thesis. I will talk about it later.

During the hard time, I got a new year greeting from Exter, Malaysia.
Usually, we communicate by visiting blogs each other and leaving some comments...so, it feels special to get a letter.

In addition to her sincere letter, even seeing stamps of other countries makes me feel happy. She put this special envelop she got in Macao. I will cherish all of them.

Exter, thank you for your greeting card. I'm sorry my reply is late. Without your encouragement, I couldn't finish my thesis. I really appreciate your kindness!!


exter said...

Your welcome! feel great to see my sincere wishes reach your hand.keep contact, ganbadei kaori!!

kaori said...

Thanks again, Exter!!
I'm sure your "ganbatte" made me finish my grad paper.
Keep in touch!