Oct 28, 2008

Parttime job 2

Well, I had temporal part time job last week and today again (cf. parttime job 1 http://ilovegrapefrui2.blogspot.com/2008/10/parttime-job-1.htmll) Right after I finished part time job about traffic jam investigation, I found totally same job provided by another company. I didn't have any reason to miss it! I called the office and was assigned to work on it last Tuesday, Wednesday and today from 4pm through 7pm.

We had to put on that helmet...(picture)

Day 1 (last Tuesday)

After my class was done at 2:30pm, I rushed to the office. There're 4 more part time job workers (all guys!) Our boss took us to the place we would work.

This intersections is really famous for heavy traffic...but actually, the routes I was searching was not so crowded.

Day 2 (last Wednesday)

This is another intersection which is famous for the traffic jam....Yeah, I realized it pretty much. In this research, I have to find the last car which is on the line...Around 5:30pm, it started to be crowded...and the last car was far from this intersection...like 500m~600m away...

Also, I have to check how long that last car will take to go through this intersection. That is...when I found the last car which was far from 600m, I had to follow that car to check when the car would go through the intersection.

I ran back and forth...so tired...besides, it's so cold.

Day 3 (Today)
Oh my gosh~~~~~It started to rain!!!

It's not crowded here...so basically I didn't have to run as I did last Wednesday...I don't know if it's good or not. I mean, I started to get cold because basically I was standing almost at the same point for 3 hours in the rain. (The tempurature is around 13℃, I guess...)
Now, I finished to take a bath but I still feel cold....I hope I didn't catch a cold...ohhh, I'm tired than I think...

Oct 26, 2008

How do you say "what did you buy?" in your languages?

It's rainy Sunday...What about your place?

I'm working on my dissertation and I just came up with a question. Is there any oral language which requires two interrogative words to make an interrogative sentence if we follow prescriptive grammar?

For instance...

What did you buy? (English)

Nani-wo anata-wa katta-no? (Japanese)
(What-acc you..........bought -Q ?)
"What did you buy?"

After all, my question will be like this: How do you say "what did you buy?" in your languages? Do sentences in your languages include more than two interrogatives?

I'm currently searching this now...
I would appreciate it if you could give me the way you express 'what did you buy?' in your languages=)

Oct 22, 2008

Parttime job 1

I have looked for a part time job since I finished my job-hunting. I took some part time job interviews so far but I couldn't pass all of them!!!!!!!!

The reason they didn't hire me is easy and clear. Becuase of my personality.....NO WAY!!(I hope...) It's because I can't work for a lont time. They know I have to quit that job around my graduation in six monthes (and I will start to work as a member of society).

....and finally!! I could get a part time job last week. That's only one-day part time job (haha). They don't care what I'm like because I will work for just one day.

At that day, I went to the working place at 6:00am.

This is my working place.
(It's not sunset! It's rising sun!!)

Yep! one of INTERSECTIONS at down town!!

My task was about how much crowded the street with traffic was.

My working hour was 7am-10am and 5pm-7pm. During that hours, I was standing outside for this investigation.

You know.....it's really cold!!!

Actually, the road was not so crowded...Besides, I worked on it with one guy. So, it's not so tough work (it's just chilling) and I was bored...

Well...the guy who I was working with looked like university student.

"Is he student from my university...??"

When I was wondering like that, he introduced himself just quickly and I realized he's 35-year old!!

He said his occupation was spiderman(steeplejack). He has applied for some temporal part time jobs because he can't earn enough money in his regular work. He complained his company didn't get many requests he could work as a spiderman.

Usually, I don't have chance to meet this kinda people...also, it's rare to work as a blue-collar. Everything I experienced at that day was special.

To be continued...

Oct 18, 2008

Changed header pic!!

I changed header pictures. It's halloween version~~~
As I wrote down on the right side, it's part of the greeting card I sent to my family last year at this time.

I always use pictures I took for the header. The pictures I used so far are listed on the right side. I hope my precious visitors can enjoy them=)

Oct 13, 2008

Nice 3-day weekend

We had a three-day weekend. Today was a national holiday called "Health and Sports Day"(体育の日、taiiku-no-hi).

Actually, I didn't know why today became the day related to sports. I thought it's just because it's good season to play some sports. I knew that Tokyo Olympic Games was held on Oct 1oth, 1964. Today, Health and Sports Day falles on the 2nd Monday in Oct to make 3 holidays in a row but 10th was the holiday until some years ago.

Well, I enjoyed good autumn weather and events. I will show some pictures later....after I worked on the preparation for tomorrow's seminar.

Oct 5, 2008

Missing my friends

(It's me @ the top of not so high mountain)

I was dreaming last night. It was really long story. The place was junior high school, maybe. I was one of students. I don't remember what we did exactly but I'm sure I enjoyed there pretty much. There're many students who I didn't know.
Usually I don't see such many people like this in my dream.

Right after I waked up, I felt empty.

These days, I'm always blue.

Seeing the clear autumn sky gives me nostalgia.

I realized one of reasons was I couldn't meet my friends these days after I saw the dream.

Now, my university friends already graduated from university while I was in the States. Even though I go to my university now, there's no my friends. Actually, it doesn't matter so much. Of course, I miss my friends but I'm still OK.

What about my friends in the States? I always miss them pretty much. No matter how much I miss them, I can't meet them.

Now that I finished my job hunting, I'm always working on my grad thesis in my home. Basically, I'm alone now.

Yeah, I'm missing my friends much more than I thought.

I was wondering how I should deal with this situation, reading books in the morning.

Suddenly, my friends called me. They are my Japanese friends we met while we're studying in the U.S. They're students in other university in my city.

They asked me to have lunch because they had something to do and would come near my home.

Actually, I already finished my lunch but I decieded to meet them.

I already met one of guys after returning to Japan. It's first time to see the other guy after I met him the last time in the States.

I had really good time with them. I could feel relaxed.

Afrer I came back to home, I realized I was satisfied to be able to meet my friends.

Besides, one of my friends talked to me on MSN. It was first time to talk after we went back from the States to each country. Our chat last for one hour. I felt good upon hearing her voice.

Today's my dream was kinda predictive dream? I could meet my friends in reality and on the web. It's a nice day. They soothed me to some extent.

Oct 2, 2008

Have to go to the dentist

In 30 mins, I will go to the dentist. This is the first time to go there after I came back to Japan from the States.

Before going to the States, I went there to check if i had bad teeth or not. I guess I had only some. I had my teeth fixed completly because it's expensive to go to the dentists in the States.

After 3 months passed in the U.S, I started to feel pain in some of my teeth. When I ate something sweet, I slightly felt that. Only three months!!?? But, actually, no wonder cuz sweets in the States are really sweet!!

Finally, I will go to have my teeth examined.
How many bad teeth I have now??

To be continued...