Jun 22, 2009

Number 1

When I want to recommend something to someone, I hardly use such as 'absolutely great!'. It's because someone doesn't like things I recommend even though I like it.

This is an exception.

I strongly believe that this grilled squid is the best in the world!!!!! It tastes salty. It's very tender!!

350 JPN

I like to eat grilled squids especially in a restaurant on the boundary between Akita where I live and Aomori where it's located to the north of Akita. It's 2 hour drive. That shop is on the cliff.

I haven't come here for 3 years. Staffs are really kind as usual. If there's a world grilled squids competition, I'm sure this restaurant will win! lol.

Yesterday, as these pictures say, it's good weather. Now, it's pouring. Here, it's rainy season. We'll have rainy days from today...I don't hate rainy weather but I can't stand with humid one~~!!


exter said...

ooh wow! seem hungry after ur recommendation of the no.1 grill squid

kaori said...

haha, that's good.
I wish that restaurant were next to my home...