Oct 3, 2009

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset, isn't it? It's when I left the office. I feel lucky if I can see awesome sunset. Also, that means I finish my job right after 5pm. If I need to work overtime, I miss this scenery and all I can see is black midnight scenery.

This week, I have been busy but meetings with other staffs in other sections were really meaningful.

It seems I've got more visitors from all over the world for this blog. Thank you! Feel free to leave comment, please~Have a good weekend=)


J O Y I said...

nice shoot !!!!
where isitz??
near ur house ??

kaori said...

Thank you=)
It's just outside of office, that is, general hospital.
It's 30 min drive from my home=)

exter said...

nice shoot~

Jeanie said...

i like sunset, it is special. It is the only moment that i felt that time has come to a standstill, there is silence in the sky.

kaori said...

To exter

Thanks=) I love taking pictures of the sunset much.

To Jeanie

Hi, nice to meet you.
I totally agree with what you said!!