Jun 30, 2008

My father's surprising driving tecnique

My family went out to have dinner. When I saw my family's car after eating, I noticed...oh? Did my father hit the car??!!

But, we didn't hear crushing sound at all while my father tried to park the car.

I had closer look and there was only a little space.....like less than 1mm...

Of course, this happend by chance though...haaaa

Jun 29, 2008

Morioka naengmyeon

I went to Morioka, Japan by car. It takes around 2 hours to get there from my home.

Morioka is famous for noodles. One of them is Morioka naengmyeon (reimen in Japanese). Naengmyeon is originally Korean food. This Morioka naengmyeon is only original in Morioka. I guess we can't find Morioka one in Korea. (Please tell me if you know about it)

I have wanted to go to famous Morioka naengmyeon restaurant but gaved up whenever I went to Morioka. Not to mention, that restaurant is always crowded~~!!

Besides, I prefer another noodle to naengmyeon...hehe. So, I always go to another noodle restaurant and....satisfied.

Yesterday, I went to that naengmyon restaurant before it's crowded. I didn't have to wait for tables.

Finally, I could eat famous Morioka naengmyon. It was really nice!! I also ate some BBQ.

That soup was more sweat than I expected. We put spicy kimchi in the soup.
Even though I don't like cucumber and watermelon (haha), I ate it quickly.
sooooo satisfied!!

Jun 28, 2008


I took this picture in Chicago.

Actually, I wrote down how chicago was awesome just now but...that article was gone....I will talk about it next time.

Anyway, what I have to say now is.....I love Chicago~~

Jun 27, 2008


I had my ears pierced at the shop in the U.S. (In Japan, shops are not allowed to have ears pierced) I wondered about an allergy...What if I will have an allergy...

Luckly, I didn't have to worry about it at all.

I guess most 'posts' of earings are made by metal. Therefore, some people have metal allergy. I was surprised to see some earings in Japan because that posts are made by resin (the left earing in the picture). Resin posts seem to be good for ears.

So, I used it but...........itchy!!!!!!!!

Besides, my ear holes got kind of damaged....so terrible~~~

Now, I stopped using it. I'm using earings I bought in the U.S. It's so comfortable~~

I bought the right earing (horseshoe one) in the picture @American Eagle. Is there someone who has same one??hehe

Jun 26, 2008

One month…

One month has past since I came back to Japan...I guess I'm still suffering from the culture shock. I thought it would take at most one month for me to deal with this culture shock when I was in the U.S (there's no particular reason though...)

It's really difficult to express this feeling...mmm...anyway, I still feel awkward about something here in Japan.