Dec 12, 2009

Just a little thing though

Yesterday, staffs in my office had a year-end party in Japanese style bar, so called "izakaya". I talked a boss (around 55 year-old?) in other sections so much. I didn't know he had so much interests in many kinds of things like music, PCs, travel (especially to the States), Christmas decoration in his house...He said that I should cherish my time out of office. Yep, I will do and I'm doing so right now. Usually, even though it's called 'party', freshmen like me have to serve Sake for bosses, which make us just tired. Yesterday, however, it was really good to hear his story.

After that, we moved to another bar to have another party. When it just started, I talked with one of my coworkers. Actually, I was hurt what he's saying. It didn't mean he offended me strongly but I couldn't help being angry. I just thought I didn't want to stay there anymore. It's really blame to leave there if I assume this is party related to office though.
I don't know if he noticed about it but he followed me. It's like he's waiting for my words. I just said totally different things and left there.
I haven't have such a feeling for a long time.

It's showering outside. I didn't have an umbrella but it didn't matter at all. Rather, it felt good. I walked down the street with many bars and izakayas, listening to some music with my iPod. It's 10:30pm.

Luckily, buses were still available. I found a bas stop and I waited for a bus. It's still showering. I was thinking of many things. I didn't think what he said. I felt I wanted to meet friends outside Japan.

Then, one guy talked to me. He asked me to come under his umbrella. He was also waiting for a bus. I was happy to hear that and said thanks. There's some place which is under roof in a closed shop so I said I would be there.

The bus came. Before getting on the bus, I appreciated him again and he said 'no, I didn't do anything'. I didn't remember his face at all. I didn't even know where he got off the bus.

Just some words hurt people. Just some words make people happy.


exter said...

hahha, just feel good to see ur story & the way u express it, kaori~~

yep, sometimes someone make us unhappy & the other round something make us joy, thats the life so called~~

its great to met someone who we dun know but so friendly & helpful~~hahhah~~

i still remember last time i offer sharing umbrella with a gal later we become frens also~~hehe

take care gal, weather is bad now, bring umbrella along

goinglocoinyokohama said...

what a nice guy! I'm never so lucky in Japan...but I'm not a woman. hehe