Sep 19, 2009

Sliver Week has come!!

Hi there~~I'm good, not deadly tired now. Some friends have concerned about me and gave warm words to me. I really appreciate it=)

From today, 19th, so-called Sliver Week started!...You have never heard this word? Actually, I knew this word a few week ago.
Some of you already know 'Golden week', a string of national holidays on May (see
Then, what's sliver week?? This is also long string of holidays from today Sep 19th~23th. This is the first time to get such a long holidays on Sep in my life. Because national holidays fall on from Monday through Wednesday THIS YEAR, we've got 5 days holidays including Sat and Sun...

You may see Japanese around your place...If you see them, you can just say 'what's your sliver week going?' haha.

Next time, this sliver week will come in 6 year...I want to upload blog so much as I can during sliver week!

ps. Today's drink---メープルティーラテ=Maple tea Latte.

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