Feb 29, 2012

March is coming

Hi everyone, how's your life going? 2 months past since the past posting. It's getting warmer and warmer recently. March is coming...many commencements are held during March in Japan. I will also have farewell in my office. March is the end of academic/fiscal year therefore some people will retire. One staff I really respect mentioned yesterday only one month left until he retires on March 31st. Then he said he missed us...I'm touched with his word. He has been working at our office for more than 30 years. He never looks down on us like younger staffs and he always treat every person with respect. I feel really happy to hear his word and it was really lucky to meet him and share the time. Around his retirement, I wanna say my appreciation to him again.

Today, one of my favorite artists BIGBANG released new songs. I went to their concert in Japan last May. It's really hard time for me ever so their show made me cheerful. Then, they were forced to face so many troubles. I hope they will come back to TV screens and shows and let us hear their energetic songs soon!!
Regarding on this song, BLUE, I didn't feel anything special for the first time. The more I listened, the more familiar. The music has happy and sad sense at the same time and it's like their honest feeling after they went through what happened to them last year. Well, now, I really like this song enough to make me hum at office=P

One of busiest month has come...I want to cherish a little time left to share retiring staffs, appericiating their support.