Feb 28, 2010

Shibuya, Tokyo

I stayed from Feb 16th to 21th in Tokyo. It's business trip until 19th. Then, I stayed weekend just for fun.
People, people and people everywhere. That's Tokyo.
(This one was taken in Shibuya)
I was shopping, met one of my friends, walked around the place where I used to live...It was nice weekend.

When I have time, I want to share more pic and info here~~

Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine!!

These are Mary's, a Japanese well-known sweets company, chocolates for Valentine day. The pink and yellow ones are called Sunshine days series. The motif is elementary school and it's so cute one. The green one is inspired by New York. It's really cool style. Which do you prefer?
Who got these chocolates?
-----my family XD. My mom just bought them cuz it looks so cute and it must be delicious. Yep, it's really yummy. Because they're so good, we ate all of them before Feb 14th!!

Did you give chocolates to someone?
Did you get chocolates from someone?