Jun 28, 2009

Peaceful moment

Almost 3 months has passed since I started to work. I'm really getting used to working. When I had many things to do, I was really thinking of them even after I came back to home. It's like my mind was still in the workplace. This made me feel tired so much. Then, I realized I should not bring jobs into my private time. That is, I should enjoy my time outside workplace more. Actually, that's the one of my resolutions I made before I started to work. Now, things are going well.

On 23th, I got my bonus. My dictionary says everyone cannot get bonus in the states usually. Here, even freshmen like me can get bonus. Because of economical crisis, some company cuts bonus. I'm lucky to get bonus in this situation.

I decided to give some of bonus to my grandparents, who helped me much so far. Yesterday, I went to see them. My grandparents were pleased to get it, which made me happy. It doesn't matter how much I can give them. It was my pleasure to show gratitude to my grandparents.

We talked on the spot we can see the backyard. It breezed. It was really good time. Can you see two chairs and tables which are made of rattan? My parents gave them to my grandparents 24 years ago. It's right before I was born. These chairs and I were same ages!!

Chatting, eating cherries, drinking tea...It was pretty peaceful moment.

Jun 22, 2009

Number 1

When I want to recommend something to someone, I hardly use such as 'absolutely great!'. It's because someone doesn't like things I recommend even though I like it.

This is an exception.

I strongly believe that this grilled squid is the best in the world!!!!! It tastes salty. It's very tender!!

350 JPN

I like to eat grilled squids especially in a restaurant on the boundary between Akita where I live and Aomori where it's located to the north of Akita. It's 2 hour drive. That shop is on the cliff.

I haven't come here for 3 years. Staffs are really kind as usual. If there's a world grilled squids competition, I'm sure this restaurant will win! lol.

Yesterday, as these pictures say, it's good weather. Now, it's pouring. Here, it's rainy season. We'll have rainy days from today...I don't hate rainy weather but I can't stand with humid one~~!!