Oct 25, 2009

Shopping at UNIQLO

It's getting cold here.
I went out to prepare for the winter!!

I was really surprised to see around shops because they're decorating stores with CHRISTMAS STUFFs!!!!!!!
Neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving hasn't come yet but here, in Japan, Christmas goods are already available. We don't enjoy Halloween so much but Halloween goods are filled with the stores just for decorations. In case of thanksgiving, many Japanese don't know what it is. As a result, Christmas decorations is coming up right after Halloween here.

I went to UNIQLO to get a fleece and some T-shirts (Speaking of UNIQLO, the store opened in Paris right?). These Heattech T-shirts were sold so much last year and it's still popular this year. The size I got is XL but I want to insist that this XL is totally different from the one in the States!! This XL size in Japan is like M size in the States.
UNIQLO used to have a image of reasonable stuffs. Now, it's not like that. This Heattech T-shirt cost 1,000 JPN (10USD). It's getting colder and colder. Don't catch a cold, don't catch a flu~~.


exter said...

wow,i agree! even different store & different country size are totally not the same. that's y have to try it first hahha.the t-shirt seem so worthy, only USD 10?

Times really flies! last year i do remember ur christmas post, beautiful!

hallowen night will celebrate in genting highland with my fren, actually not everyone celebrate for this. just coincidentally we get there by this day(hallowen night, my fren said wanna go to horror house)hahha

kaori said...

These are undershirts,so, I think it's not so cheap.

It's getting colder here, totally different from your country. I gotta take care of myself not to catch a cold!!