Dec 31, 2009

2009 Closing ceremony

15mins left until 2010 starts.
Time flies...It's well known phrase which I hear around the end of year. Actually, I didn't feel like that this year in 2009. The first two months, I was struggling with my dissertation all the time. Then, I visited S.Korea and stayed for 12 days!! I met many Korean friends=)
After commencement, my job started from April. Around August, it's so hard time for me. As I wrote down here, I burned out and I really didn't have any idea how to recover from it. I went out to S.Korea again in September during my summer holidays. My friends made me happy there.

Thank you my friends who gave me much support.
As I said above, I could meet many of my Korean friends this year.
Next year, I want to see other friends too.
Hope you have great 2010!!

One of my favorite songs for you=)
はつ恋 by 福山雅治
Hatsukoi by Masaharu Fukuyama


exter said...

happy new year(Akemashite)!!!
i rec'd the christmas card from you, thanks a lot, beautiful tokyo tower in winter(fuyu)!!
i wish you have a "prosperity & healthy new year"
>> new year, new direction, new way & new hope

Lets' ganbadei~~

kaori said...

Akemashite omedeto!!
I'm happy to hear you've got a card. Yep, it's tokyo tower.
Let's enjoy also this year each other!!

J O Y I said...

cool~~korea friend ...
happy new year to u (sorry for late)^^
after 2009 ...must more ganbadei ya..