Dec 3, 2009


I caught a cold and I took one day off for sick leave yesterday. Today, I went to office because I had some important meeting. If I could have a rest also today, I would have feel better.....Now, I'm suffering from cold.

At first, I was wondering if I had H1N1 because I met two persons who got H1N1 the day before yesterday...I'm working for a general hospital.

I have bad sore throat and headache.....I just hope I could come back home from office tomorrow then take a plenty of rest!!!!!


exter said...

take good care, kaori!
i saw news yesterday, guang zhou,china H1N1 cases seem getting serious but didn't notice about Japan news.

Since u catching a cold, do wear mask & take more rest, get well soon~

kaori said...

I didn't get better so I stayed at home also today. Hope it's getting better...

Oh, it's not so pandemic in your country now? Here, as it's getting colder, the number of H1N1 patients are increasing!!

J O Y I said...

take care ya~kaori sis ...
haha~frist time call ur name :P
and carefully ..^^