Aug 2, 2009

When I'm exhausted---with Snoopy

ohhhh~~~~I'm sooooo tired. Did you read the previous posting? I needed to go work this weekend. It was so hard. I was really happy to come back to home at 1pm today. I took a nap for more than 2 hours...

I don't know why but I want this 'combination' when I'm exhausted.

Comic 'peanuts' and some drink which is a little bit expensive (for me haha), available in convenience store. I feel happy while reading peanuts, drinking this.

The author of Peanuts, Charles M.Schulz, was born in St.Paul, Minnesota. I was really expecting to seeing something related to Peanuts and to buy some cute Peanuts stuff while I was in Minnesota. However, unfortunately, I didn't see them at all...I heard some monuments were in St.Paul though...oh, I had one shown in the following.

You can meet this snoopy in security area of Minneapolis International Airport.

If you see some monuments in St.Paul, take pictures and show me please=)

(※ps. Thank you for your warm message on my postings. I'm sorry I didn't reply them quickly. I put comments on your messages. Check them out=))

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