Nov 23, 2009

Studying Monday

It's Monday, national holiday and I'm staying at home. Next Sunday, I will take TOEIC exam. I haven't taken it since May 2007. You may more familiar to TOEFL test than TOEIC. TOEFL is much more popular because this may be one of requirements for applying for universities or some learning institutions. Here, TOEIC is absolutely major test rather than TOEFL. When you do job-hunting in Japan, your English ability will be check by the TOEIC score even though you have good TOEFL score and TOEFL is more well-known over the world. This happens also in South Korea.

My score was already expired so I have wanted to take it. Today, I'm studying for TOEIC. Luckily, it's much easier that TOEFL.


exter said...

ganbadei kaori. May God bless you all the best!!

Jeanie said...

All the best!

kaori said...

Exter and Jeanie

Thank you all=) I think it's not so bad even though I didn't prepare for it...But, I felt I needed to study English more!! It motivated me!

exter said...

keep it up, ganbadei~~keep on improving ourself