Jan 31, 2010

A busy month has come

Wow, January has past so fast and February has come...In the beginning of each month, I'm pretty busy and I can't come back to home right after 5pm. I'm getting hungry and want to eat something. Then, I start to wonder...Here, I've got some chocolates. Can I eat them? High calories stuff in the evening? If I wait a little bit more, I can go back and I eat dinner. Yeah, I should not eat here.....But, well, if I don't eat anything, I will be incredibly hungry when I get home and I will eat a lot.....
(I think I should work on my job rather than thinking those things lol.)

Here, I've got a good solution. Yes, SOYJOY, nutrition bars whole soy and real fruit. One bar is like 140kcal. I had thought it's high calorie but it's called low-GI(Glycemic index)-food and it help keep my blood sugar steady...Anyway, it seems alright to have SOYJOY between meals.
I bought many SOYJOYs for February, busy month. It's around 100JPN (1.1USD) in some discount grocery stores. In addition to them, I bought some drinks to bring them to office...Sunday is grocery shopping day.

I saw SOYJOYs in the States several times so check it out=)

February, it's gonna be busy month. I will have business trip to Tokyo from 17th to attend 09 freshmen seminar where stuff who started to work from April 2009 gather. Attendants have to give presentations there so I was preparing for them.

I wish I could get over this busy month...Pray for me!!

Jan 27, 2010

Just updated

Hi there=) I haven't posted anything since the end of 2009. I've been busy these days. I just came back to home 1 hour ago today. After working overtime, I don't feel like doing quite anything. I just want to stay calm...should I act more cheerfully? haha.
Anyway! I'm not so bad. Thank you, who frequently drop by my blogXD I wish I can keep in touch with you through this blog also this year. That's one of my resolutions.
Near my office...I really have to drive carefully otherwise my car will slip easily (my coworker did)...I saw some cars stuck on the snow after waiting for a traffic light. In that case, even though we try to go forward by stepping on the accelerator, tires will just spin...awful... This is one of stressors for my working life~~