Apr 26, 2009

It's my treat!

On 16th, I received my pay for the first time. To show my gratitude to my parents who gave me much support so far, my parents and I had BBQ dinner on me just now. We ordered a little bit expensive beef and anything we wanted to have. It was nice dinner. We also had Kimchi hotpot (we can't see it in this picture though). It reminds me of nice dishes when I visited Korea. (Oh, I didn't have time to show you guys how great my trip to South Korea was.)
I may had have a cold. These day, it's pretty cold here. Even though cherry blossom bloomed beautifully, it's gone because of strong wind and rain... I wanted to take picture of cherry blossom and put it in the header picture~~~. Anyway, I gotta go to sleep earlier than usual to recover from cold!!

Apr 13, 2009

I'm fine!!

2 weeks have past since I started to work...1st week of April, I went to head office in Tokyo (business trip for the first time!) and took induction courses with my coworkers who came from various parts in Japan. We moved to other place to stay 3 nights near Mt. Fuji. We studied for 3 days there. On 5th, Sunday, my 3 corworkers and I came back to our place. Very next day, on Monday, we went to our office and started to work. Therefore, this weekend (11th and 12th) was kinda first "weekend" where I could take a rest since I began working.

So far...I'm pretty enjoying my job and life. I didn't expect I could feel happy with my job like this. My bosses are really nice and my corworkers are also helpful. We, freshmen, are working in different section but having corworkers is really encouraging.

I'm not good at waking up in the early morning but I'm getting used to do. I wake up around 6:15am and leave my home at 7:30. I drive a car to my office. It takes 30 mins and I work from 8:30.

While driving, I'm listening to music and sometimes singing with them kk. Especially, I really like to do when I go back to home. What am I listening to? Last week, I always listened to music by Big Bang, Korean group. I bought their CD in S.Korea and got much fan of them=)

I'm too tired to open my PC on weekday haha. Still, I'm really fine and feel happy with my job and this life.