Apr 26, 2009

It's my treat!

On 16th, I received my pay for the first time. To show my gratitude to my parents who gave me much support so far, my parents and I had BBQ dinner on me just now. We ordered a little bit expensive beef and anything we wanted to have. It was nice dinner. We also had Kimchi hotpot (we can't see it in this picture though). It reminds me of nice dishes when I visited Korea. (Oh, I didn't have time to show you guys how great my trip to South Korea was.)
I may had have a cold. These day, it's pretty cold here. Even though cherry blossom bloomed beautifully, it's gone because of strong wind and rain... I wanted to take picture of cherry blossom and put it in the header picture~~~. Anyway, I gotta go to sleep earlier than usual to recover from cold!!

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