Aug 29, 2009

Super busy weekS past

I slept tight...I just finished my Saturday breakfast now. I feel comfortable so much because my super busy weeks have past. I did work so much in August. My summer break will come from Sep 10th so I will think how to spend only 5 days break from now. Oh, I need to go to take my new glasses I bought last Saturday. I also want to renovate my room...Too many things!
It's really nice weather today. Have a nice weekend=)

Aug 27, 2009



Salt-vanila Lassi, available at Family Mart (convenience store)

Family Mart( we call it FamiMa) has many kinds of drinks. I gotta try others.

One more day to weekend! Cheer up, myself!!!

Aug 25, 2009


It's 10:10pm now here in Japan. I came back just 50 mins ago from office. It happened also yesterday. I don't want to overwork from the beginning of the week but I need to do because of big project I'm dealing with now.
Through working on this project, I learned many things no matter whether they're good or not. Actually, I'm still surprised to see my boss's irresponsibility! lol. I can't believe my boss depends on me so much even though I'm still pretty freshman here...

Headache and my ears hurt...buzzing...I may be tired physically and mentally...

I had lunch outside. I usually eat my lunch at cafe for staff or on my desk. I wanted to leave my desk (otherwise, I keep thinking of the project, you know) so I came outside. It's a little garden on 3rd floor (don't know how to express this place...). The sky is not summer sky anymore. Autumn has already come English book a's important refreshing time.

Aug 15, 2009

Saturday afternoon

It's 1pm in Japan time. I'm watching high school baseball game now. It's so exciting game, you know!!!!!

Aug 11, 2009

Summer, summer, summer

As I mentioned before, I had been working from July 27th to August 7th, for 12 days in a row. It must have felt better if I didn't have to overwork. Actually, I got "a big project" so that I stayed until late in my office during that days. That made me tired so much. In the end of 12 days, I was always yawning. It seemed my face implied my excessive tiredness. This past weekend, I just relaxed, reading books, taking nap...

The biggest festival in Akita was already over while I was into my job. That is, Kanto festival from August 3th through 6th. Refer to the posting I put last year

I didn't have chance to go to the venue to watch this festival this year but I could see the performance. The performance team from one of local companies played Kanto in front of my office. Actually, I work for a general hospital and that team performed Kanto to have patients in hospital see it. You can hardly tell many patients in the right side of this picture.

Now, students are in the summer break. It's crowded everywhere I go.

Here, it's really summer right now.

I know this summer sky will go quickly and autumn will come soon. Then, loooong winter will follow.....Nope, I should not think about it lol. I should just enjoy summer now! (nothing special, though kk.)

Aug 2, 2009

When I'm exhausted---with Snoopy

ohhhh~~~~I'm sooooo tired. Did you read the previous posting? I needed to go work this weekend. It was so hard. I was really happy to come back to home at 1pm today. I took a nap for more than 2 hours...

I don't know why but I want this 'combination' when I'm exhausted.

Comic 'peanuts' and some drink which is a little bit expensive (for me haha), available in convenience store. I feel happy while reading peanuts, drinking this.

The author of Peanuts, Charles M.Schulz, was born in St.Paul, Minnesota. I was really expecting to seeing something related to Peanuts and to buy some cute Peanuts stuff while I was in Minnesota. However, unfortunately, I didn't see them at all...I heard some monuments were in St.Paul though...oh, I had one shown in the following.

You can meet this snoopy in security area of Minneapolis International Airport.

If you see some monuments in St.Paul, take pictures and show me please=)

(※ps. Thank you for your warm message on my postings. I'm sorry I didn't reply them quickly. I put comments on your messages. Check them out=))