Jan 22, 2009

Headache---usual thing

I didn't upload this blog these days. That doesn't mean I don't browse the Internet nor use my PC. Actually, I'm almost always in front of my PC.

The due date for my the last and biggest paper, that is, dissertation, is coming soon. I have more two weeks to go. I started to work on it from last Aug and it'll be finished finally.

As the title says, I have a strong headache almost every day. It may be because using PC for a long time tire me. I also got stuff shoulders. Besides, it's definitely because of feeling stressed. I always wonder how I should go on the discussion or something. I have to submit the paper but I'm not really sure if I can finish writing good one. I started to feel stressed unconsciously.

Plus! I'm a type of getting headache easily. It's called "migraine". When I feel I'll get a headache, I always take a medicine. I have suffered from migraine since I was a kid. Migraine follows me in my life---oh my!!!

Anyway, I'm working hard, fighting against headache...It'll be the last time to concentrate on studying literally all day in my life. I have to appreciate the joy I can study even though I get headache.

But...the headache is headache. Ahh~~~~~hate it!!!!!

Jan 10, 2009


I was really surprised to see my hand. You too? Thank you for sharing the surprise with me=p
Last month, the printer got out of order and we had it repaired. After I took my printer back to my home from the shop, I didn't notice the ink (only blue one) was leaking!
Luckly, the ink didn't spread out any place except my hands. It took much time the ink was gone rather than I thought. Everytime I saw my hands, I was surprised with myself only a little bit haha.
(cf. The title 'blueman' comes from here http://www.blueman.com/)

Jan 7, 2009

Thank you!!~New Year's card from South Korea

I got such a nice greeting card on the first day of this year from my friend, South Korea. This year will be nice!!

We exchange New Year's cards in the beginning of Jan. We usually start to prepare for cards from Dec. At first, many people buy blank New Year's cards in post office. We make cards the way we like. If you're good at drawing, you can do. Cards reflect each person's characteristic.

Then, we drop them into mailbox. Mailmen start to deliver them from Jan 1st. If we mail them until Dec 25th, cards will be sent on Jan 1st. (I always drop my New Year's cards around Dec31st. That means, my friends cannot get my cards on Jan 1st. Well, we celebrate New Year not only on Jan 1st also until 3rd. I hope it's not so problem my friends cannot get cards on exactly New Year's day hehe. )

I hope my friends both in Japan and abroad enjoy my New Year's cards. They're not so special but I wrote down messages, remembering friends' faces.

Jan 5, 2009

Back to normal life

Are you guys already back to normal life? Here, many people finished cerebrating New Year and started to work from today. My father also finished new year's break and went to office.

In our university, classes will start from 13th, next Tuesday. This is not the beginning of the semester. The semester started from last Oct and will last until the middle of Feb.

In my case, I'm taking only one class for writing grad thesis. Basically, from Jan, I just need to concentrate on writing grad thesis by myself. So, I decided to start working on the thesis from today.

Well, during new year's break, my family stayed at home, having delicious food and relaxing.

My family visited a shrine to pray for new year on Jan 2nd. This is called Hatsumode (はつもうで・初詣). We make wishes for the new year.

This year, we went to a shrine we had never been. It's smaller than the shrine we usually go. Many people visited this shrine.

May 2009 will be fruitful!