Feb 23, 2009

For the first time!!

I have a meeting from 1:30pm in my workplace for the first time. It'll be like a orientation before I start to work from April. I'll meet my coworkers for the first time...it's a little bit exciting.

Well, I got to prepare for it!

Feb 19, 2009

Dangerous driving

My dad had a business trip to Tokyo. He went there by shinkansen and needed to go to the station early in the morning. Usually, my mom takes him to the station by car. Today, I decided to drive to the station.

I took driver's license when I was freshman, almost 5 years ago. Actually, I don't drive frequently. I always feel nervous especially when I go to places where I have never been. Still, it's ok if someone sits next to me.

From April, I start to work and need to go the workplace by car. I have to be used to drive by myself.

The problem is I'm not used to drive in the snow. I really have to pay attention to driving during winter. When the road is flat, I can just step on the brake earlier than usual. (If I do suddenly, my car will not stop and crash into the preceding car!!).

When the road is rough with snow, cars may stuck in the pocket (especially, it happens after stopping and waiting the signal to change to green). No matter how strong I step on the gas, it doesn't work. Tires just roll at the same place.

The only way to go forward is...to push the car. Someone other than the driver gets out of the car and put the car forward. When they're pushing the car, the driver step on the gas. Then, I can get out of the spot.

Can you understand what I'm concerning about? What if I drop in such a pocket? I'll need to ask someone walking on the road. What if it happens in big streets? It may cause a traffic jam.

I didn't have any trouble today but it took much time to go to the workplace. It's because everyone drives so slowly.

The picture is taken near the workplace. This intersection is famous for dangerous place...many cars slip. One of friends also had car accident. I call this intersection 'T.I'. I stands for intersection and T comes from the first letter of my friend's name. It's like famous singer T.I. haha.

Until last week, there's no snow. It's pretty warm in this winter. From this week, it started to snow. I have to practice driving on the snow!!

Feb 13, 2009

Soup curry

On Wednesday, national holiday, I had lunch with my friend. We ate 'soup curry'.

We usually eat sticky(?) curry sauce (not soup one). This soup curry is famous in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. It started to become popular several years ago in entire Japan. There're not so many restaurants we can eat soup curry.

This soup curry includes boiled egg, 'Kakuni' which is braised pork dish, eggplant and green pepper...We soak white rice in this soup and eat it. It made us feel warm...We're convinced that people in Hokkaido, a cold place, like this soup curry.

For some of you guys, it may be familiar to this type of curry. What's curry like in your place??

Feb 10, 2009


Now, I'm writing kinda paper to submit to my university. In that paper, I have to tell how I spent my days in the States as an exchange student. It's been 8 monthes since I came back to my home university though...How come they ask me to write a paper NOW?? Well, that's my home univerisity haha.

That doesn't mean I forgot how I lived in the States. I'm still clearly remembering my days in the States. The problem is...I haven't written papers in Japanese for a long time. I can't write a paper in the same way I used to do it. Academic writing is really tough work no matter what language we use. But, I have never felt such a difficulty for composing papers in Japanese!! It's pretty stressful...

Feb 6, 2009

Dining outside

I finished my last biggest paper in my college life on Monday, so my dad planned to conguratulate for it by having dinner. My family dined at an 'izakaya' (Japanese style bars which serve alcohol and food).

In bar counter, many bottles are displayed.Sushi role, sea food salad and fried chicken. This salad contains tuna, salmon, octopus.

Sashimi/Sliced raw fish

Potato with cheese and bacon...It's like pizza.

Tsukune/meatball. This is Hinai-dori(chicken). Hinai-dori is a specialty of Akita. It's one of big three chickens in Japan. This egg comes from Hinai-dori. We put this Tsukune in the egg. It's delicious! I didn't drink alcohol cuz I needed to drive a car. This Tsukune made me feel drinking pretty much!!We ordered too much...Everything was pretty nice!!

Ah~~~It was nice time to have delicious food...Thanks dad!!

Feb 3, 2009

Encouragement from Malaysia

I didn't log in my blog recently because I was working on my thesis all the time...literally all the time. Yesterday, finally, I finished my thesis. I will talk about it later.

During the hard time, I got a new year greeting from Exter, Malaysia.
Usually, we communicate by visiting blogs each other and leaving some comments...so, it feels special to get a letter.

In addition to her sincere letter, even seeing stamps of other countries makes me feel happy. She put this special envelop she got in Macao. I will cherish all of them.

Exter, thank you for your greeting card. I'm sorry my reply is late. Without your encouragement, I couldn't finish my thesis. I really appreciate your kindness!!