Aug 28, 2008

What the real man is

What is the real man? ideal guy is...

No~~I will talk about it later someday (---Oh really?)

I happened to start watching a movie on TV this afternoon. The title is 'Secondhand Lions'.

Actually...I really really rarely watched a movie before I went to the U.S. I got naturally interested in movies after my staying in America. It's just because I can see the secenery I used to see while my staying. For instance, a boy in that story was drinking root beer. Oh my~~I don't like it!! this=)

I like movies which themes are humanity. I don't need a dynamic story.

The Japanese title of 'Secondhand Lions' is 'Walter, holidays in summer'( totally different!!).
As that title says, this is the story of the boy named Walter who started to live with two his uncles. These uncles were living in remote place and there was a bad rumor about them...

More details's a heartwarming story.

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