Aug 20, 2008

Too late greeting to my precious readers

Oh my gosh....I found I missed the greeting to my blog readers...Actually, I tried some blog sites before I started to use this site, blogger. When I activated this blog here, I copied all archives from another blog I had used before...except one article, that is, greeting.

It's toooooo late but let me greet here...

I used to have some blogs but gave up most of them except one...That is the one which only my family could look.

When I was in the U.S, I usually contacted my family with that blog. I wrote down something and my family (at last, only my mom...) commented some...I kept writing for almost one year.

Now, I'm living with my family in Japan. So, I don't have to use that blog...I decided to make new blog in English...Actually, I tried to write blog in English before but I couldn't...cuz, I felt sooooo embarrassed with my English...hehe

I spent one year in the U.S as an exchange student in one university. While I was in the U.S, I listened many people's English. Sometimes, some English sounded ungrammatical (especially in NY).

I thought, however, this was not big deal. If we can communicate each other, it's kinda OK. I really realized English is just tool for communication. Different people use different English. I don't have to speak/write English perfectly.These ideas are really natural but I couldn't notice them before I went to the U.S...

Lastly, my family blog's title was Konbanwa (こんばんは) from the U.S (konbanwa=good evening).I changed this title a little bit and I use it again here. That is, Konbanwa from Japan.

Thank you for sharing your time with me here!!

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