Aug 13, 2008

Come on, lee hom!!

Whenever I drive, I listen to music.

These days, I always bring lee hom's CD into the car. As my Japanese friend said when she listened to his music, we cannot see this kind of music in Japan...Is this just because Chinese language is fresh for us?

Some of my Chinese friends were singing his songs when I was in the U.S. This was the encounter with lee hom. When I went to Beijing, I bought this CD.

Because I cannot understand Chinese, I made some mistakes about his title and rylics. For example, there is a song titled 大城小愛. Does this mean small love in big city? I thought small love in big CASTLE like Cinderella because of the meaning of 城 in Japanese...I guess I don't even notice some mistakes yet...

Now, I tried to play some of his songs with the piano. Of course, I don't have music sheets at all though...I can do it somehow but I'm not satisfied...I need to get more sophisticated performance.

By the way, obon (お盆) season has just started in Japan. During obon, from Aug 13th through 16th, it is said our ancestors are coming back to this world. Many Japanese visit a grave. Therefore, many people have kinda short vacation. Some people go back to their parents' home and have family gatherings. Other people just have a rest. This season is one of big vacation for workers in Japan.I guess everywhere is busy right now.

In my case, my family is gonna have a trip from tomorrow because my father took 4-days off. I have to bring lee hom's CD and many CDs into the car!!

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