Aug 24, 2008

Autumn, dragonfly

My family went to my grandma's house and stayed there for one night. It's 2-hour drive from my house.

My cousins live near my grandma's house. One of my cousins-she's 15-year old-had ballet recital/concert. I hadn't seen her ballet for a long time so I wanted to see it.

Well, she performed 2 programs with other dancers. One of programs is modern ballet. I like it pretty much. She looked really matured haha.

On the way to my grandma's house, we had lunch at a restaurant. Just in back of this restaurant, there're many mountains. Nice scenery, clean air...

When I was waiting for my order, something fell down near me...That's a dragonfly like this picture. It seemed that this dragonfly went inside the restaurant and couldn't find the exit. I picked him up, took some pictures and let him go out.

I didn't know this dragonfly is native to Japan until now. This is called anotogaster sieboldii or oniyanma(oniyanma is Japanese). It's the largest species in Japan. This one is more than 10cm in length.

Oni is Japanese demon, evil in folklore. It seems there're many translations of oni.

I can see dragonflies near my home in autumn but it's difficult to see this oniyanma one.

It's a little bit scary for me to see his face...He looks cleverer than me...

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