Aug 23, 2008

Result again

I got the score for the teacher hiring exam just now by snail mail.

As I seemed that the cause of my defeat was lack of latest educational knowledge.

In this 2 day exam, I had exam in educational knowledge, latest issues and English. Besides, I had group discussion and interview in Japanese. Plus, I got a interview in English.

This mail said I almost passed this exam...ohh, I'm kinda relieved to hear that even though I couldn't pass it...

Luckly, the score for English test was not so bad...English test in my city is famous for the difficulty...

Anyway, I failed it. I have to go next step.

When I told this result to my advisor by mail, he said he hoped that I take the exam next year....I don't know now.

When I had discussion in the exam, there's a girl who studied at Oxford university as an exchange student. We just talked a little after exam. She was really nice person. I just knew she was senior in Tokyo.

I'm afraid she also couldn't pass(I know her examinee's number so I found her result yesterday when I went to see the result). I should have asked her name...

It's blowing up a storm now.

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