Aug 8, 2008

This time last year

I have been kept the diary. I just had a look at my 2007 diary which I wrote down until I left Japan to the U.S.


I suddenly got concerned about my English, that is, speaking. Because I don't use English in my univ, we rarely speak English. How should I communicate with people right after I arrive at the U.S?...Seems like I have to study speaking English...

Some of my friends in the U.S seemed to think that we Japanese students use English during the class in the university...No~~~I already took almost 80 classes in Japan before I went to the U.S. Only 2 of them were done in English. That's the only time I can use English...

I really remember I started to be concerned about everything related to studying in the U.S...I want to go back to last year and tell myself 'hey, you will have wonderful time with your friends in the U.S!'

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