Aug 17, 2008

Summer is almost gone

Obon season was over...It's almost the end of summer.(My summer vacation will last until Sep 30th though.)

Even though it's hot during the daytime, the tempurature goes down in the evening. Now, at 21:30, an autumn wind blows quietly. I can hear the sound of olympic games on TV from the living room. Seems some Chinese player won the gold medal. I can hear the Chinese national anthem...

Speaking of the national anthem, I wonder why the Japanese national anthem doesn't have bright atomosphere. I like it but cannot help thinking so whenever I compare the anthem with other countries' anthem like in the olympic games. I remember one of my foreign friends asked me why Japanese anthem was kinda dark.

Furthermore, it's difficult to sing if I try to do seriously. It's because the tempo is slow and it's hard to take breath in appropriate spots.

The olympic games will end in one week. The summer will end soon.

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